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WCHS hands out awards during Colour Day festivities

It was Colour Day today at Winston Churchill High School.
And while the weather moved a few planned outdoor events inside, students still had the opportunity to participate in a number of fun activities.
The day also included an assembly, where Churchill's year-end awards were presented.
Award winners for the 2021/2022 school year included the following:
Male Athlete of the Year
Grade 9 -Zakhary Adelman
Grade 10 - Hayden Forsyth
Grade 11 - Connor Trechka
Grade 12 - Joshua McBeath
Female Athlete of the Year
Grade 9 - Shanelle Mann
Grade 10 - Brittney Stimson
Grade 11 - Jayda Morrison
Grade 12 - Abigail Crown
Fine Arts Performer of the Year
Grade 9 - Shanelle Mann
Grade 10 - Trey Dingman
Grade 11 - Jocelyn Higgins
Grade 12 - Lizzy Forsyth
Churchill Spirit Award - David Aragon
Mr. Churchill - Jacob Lee
Ms. Churchill - Lana Van Genderen