ASCA Resolutions

Alberta School Councils Association's (ASCA) mission is to engage and support parental involvement in public education through school councils, and direct parental views and voice into the education system.  ASCA believes that parents are to be recognized and respected as knowledgeable, supportive contributors to their children’s education, and are provided a variety of opportunities to be authentically engaged in all levels of the education system.
Between September and December 2015 at school council/District School Council meetings, parents were invited to identify issues affecting ECS-12 students that their school community parents would like to see changed.  Our District parents came up with 5 resolutions that were submitted to ASCA by the December deadline.  District 51 School Councils have been asked to review the 5 resolutions, provide any feedback of changes they would like to see and which, if any/or all, they would like to 'sponsor'.  By sponsoring a Resolution, that school council is making a statement that they 'support' the resolution that has gone forward.  A motion to sponsor/not sponsor will be required at a meeting.
In March/April, all school councils will then get to review all the provincial resolutions(from other school councils in the province), discuss them and then make a vote on whether they are in favor or against the Resolution.  At this time there will also be a chance to review ASCA's proposed bylaw revisions and again school council members at the meeting will get to vote in favor or against.  The votes can then be taken by either a representative from school council or sent by Proxy.
Advocacy statements that receive majority support from ASCA voting delegate parent council members at the AGM (April) become directives for action or belief statements that inform the provincial advocacy work of the ASCA Board and are also utilized by ASCA representatives at provincial education advisory committee meetings to represent the collective parent voice.
If you have any question in regards to the ASCA resolution process please contact Allison Pike at schoolpike5@gmail.comor if your questions are regarding the content of the resolutions please contact Joy Morris at

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