Lethbridge School Division has identified a massive demand for eSports so large it exceeds all athletics in the Division combined! In order to meet this demand, like many other school  jurisdictions, Lethbridge School Division has built an eSports Arena at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute. The Division anticipates further growth in various schools.

This eSports space is accessible to all High School and Middle School students in the Division for either scrimmage play or competitive play.   

Why eSports 

Many schools and businesses are eager to catch up and capitalize on this quickly- growing market and employment opportunity within the marketplace and within education. Now, think about the correlation between eSports and what your core outcomes as a business are. This is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world today — not simply in the gaming industry, but the software design, technology and employment needs behind its development.

Are eSports a Sport?

There’s no easy answer. eSports doesn’t fit neatly into any of the existing definitions of a sport, but that’s only the beginning of the esports debate. As it turns out, there’s no one definitive answer. In fact, it’s an ongoing debate. One that’s been raging for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years. Even the pinnacle of sports achievement and spectacle, the Olympic Games, has included (or banned) varying “sports” since its start in the 8thcentury B.C. In our particular moment, esports is at the centre of the debate.

Regardless of eSports’ status, there are many exciting developments for the activity on the horizon. 

Is Esports a Sport?

Room Description 

Our Division Arena is located at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute. The Arena is configured for a two-team configuration with a total of 12 computers - 6 computers on each side of the room, 5 computers for players and one for the coach. A wall divides the team stations so each team does not infringe with the other teams play. 



Our Machines

Lenovo Legion Gaming Tower

Intel Core i9-11900K CPU


Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080

1TB SSD system drive and 2TB 7200rpm data drive.

Lenovo Legion Gaming Monitor

1440p Gaming monitor

1ms response time

165hz refresh rate

Team LCI 

Congratulations to the LCI Samurais on there National Championship  

Coach: John Thai and Josh Holloway

Players: Bradley Pike (12), Kaleb DuMontier (12), Regis Amelinckx (11), Joshua Barnes (11), Brayley Mackay (11), and Kieran Gareau (10).

Tournament -  True North Esports League – Canadian Premier Highschool Esports League. https://truenorthesports.com/


Follow the LCI Team on Twitch: LCIesports - Twitch

A special thanks to First Technical for suppling LED lighting in our Arena