Superintendent's Message

Each and every day is a new opportunity to spark curiosity and invoke a sense of “awe” derived from learning and creating.

The launch of a new school year is imbued with excitement, a sense of new beginnings and connections, re-connections, and continued growth. There are many firsts that come with September: first time engaged in creative play characteristic of an early education program, first time exploring the learning opportunities in kindergarten, first time going to school all day in grade one, first time going to Middle School, having a locker and exploratory options, or moving on into high school with a breadth of courses to choose from. It is the first time connecting with many teachers and classmates. For the graduates of 2015, it is their first and last as they begin their culminating year with growing anticipation of moving into adulthood and one step closer to achieving their dreams.

Whatever the first is for each Lethbridge School Division student, the Board of Trustees and staff are committed to doing everything they can to make the experience positive and impactful. We know that students thrive in learning environments that are engaging, purposeful, and collaborative. Students learn best in school climates that are safe and caring, and develop positive personal attributes when there is emphasis on citizenship, student leadership, community, and celebration of individual differences. Heading into my second year as Superintendent, I am proud of the care and commitment demonstrated daily in our schools, and the quality of instruction in our classrooms. I am proud of the growth and accomplishments of our students and feel confident our young men and women will be incredible workers, leaders, citizens, and stewards of our world.

As a Division we are committed to preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. The bridge to success in tomorrow’s world will require a focus on developing competencies that will provide students with the ability to think critically, creatively, and deeply. Literacy and numeracy are core elements of provincial curriculum re-design, and given primary attention in our schools. The three E’s of the provincial Inspiring Education initiative (engaged student, ethical citizen, and entrepreneurial spirit) will be mindfully embedded in how we teach and nurture school climates. A focus on furthering student success with differentiated instruction, assessment strategies that inform teaching and learning, and depth of learning will contribute to the development of students who are life-long learners.

In collaboration with stakeholders, the Board of Trustees have identified four priority areas of focus:

  • Supporting student achievement;
  • Supporting the implementation of provincial initiatives;
  • Supporting the seamless integration of technology;
  • Supporting population growth and change.

The implementation of strategies to address these priorities will be focused and filtered using the measure of what actually has the greatest impact on the development of student learning competencies and preparing our students for tomorrow’s world.

Trustees, administration, and staff recognize that schools can’t do it alone and know that addressing the four areas of priority requires parent and community engagement. We are fortunate to live in a community that strongly supports schools. We have committed parents who support their children and schools, community members, business, and industry partners who volunteer and generously contribute to make our schools better places. Enthusiasm and commitment to new strategies are built with involvement and opportunity for authentic decision making and influence. The Board is committed to students, staff and community and recognizes the importance of engaging at all levels.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff of Lethbridge School Division, I extend a warm welcome to all of our students and their families.

Dr. Cheryl Gilmore
Phone: (403) 380-5301