Outbound Students

Student Exchanges

There are many opportunities for Lethbridge School Division students to participate in student exchanges.  The information shows some of the ways in which students might get involved in travel and study at the national or international level.

CHN Go Global

CHN Go Global offers education-based travel experiences tailored to Canadian students. Learn more here.

Alberta Education - Exchange Opportunities

Alberta Education provides information on exchange opportunities.  To see what is offered click here.

Exchanges Canada

The Government of Canada maintains a database of student exchange opportunities.  To access this information click here.

OSEF - France/Canada Exchanges

This organization facilitates exchanges for students interested in improving French language skills by participating in a 9 or 11 week reciprocal exchange with students in France, Belgium or Luxemburg. Click here for more information.

Rotary Youth Exchange

Spend up to one year living with a host family and attending school in a different country.  For more information click here.

Encounters with Canada

EWC provides an opportunity for Canadian teens to meet young people from across the country. Spend a week in your nation’s capital. Take part in exciting adventures, explore future career options, learn more about your country, share your hopes and dreams – all through exclusive hands-on workshops, presentations and excursions.  Click here for more details.

Forum For Young Canadians

In this program, students 15 – 19 year old, have a chance to recreate parliament for a week. In Ottawa. On the Hill. With other equally ambitious youth.  For more information click here.

Travel Opportunities

All international trips sponsored by schools require approval in advance by the Board of Trustees.

Students in Lethbridge School Division High Schools have frequent opportunities to experience international travel.  Each year, high schools will organize one or more trips for which students may sign up.  For example, the school's travel club may organize a trip to Europe.  Other examples include:

  • Social Studies war history trip to France and Germany
  • Cultural trip to China
  • Ecology trip to the Galapagos Islands

In most cases these trips are open to most students, although some trips are organized for a specific class, such as when a school choir might tour internationally.

Generally, these trips occur over Easter Break to minimize the number of school days missed.  The cost per student varies for each trip, and some fundraising is usually organized by the trip leaders.

For specific information about current trips planned by schools, you are encouraged to contact the school administration.