Facility Services

Who are you going to call?

The Facility Services 24 hour on-call phone number is 403-894-4070.

To reach Facility Services during regular school hours, please call 403-329-6564.

Facility Services key contacts

Mary Peake - District Administrative Assistant - 403-329-6564

Chris Chapman - Co-ordinator of Operations and Maintenance - 403-382-2162

Brenda Clear - Caretaking Co-ordinator - 403-382-2163

Daniel Heaton - Director of Facility Services - 403-329-6564


Lethbridge School Division facilities are the best spaces for teaching and learning.


The maintenance and caretaking teams work collaboratively to facilitate and support safe and clean learning environments for students and staff.


The maintenance team values: 

Collaboration - with the team, with our schools

Accountability - to the team, to our schools

Trust - in each other

Respect - for each other

Facility Services Statistics


About our facilities

- The Division has 24 buildings, plus the new southeast elementary school, scheduled to open for the 2021/2022 school year

- Our buildings include 1.4 million square feet of space, which is equivalent to 1,000 average-sizes houses

- There are 112 modular classrooms throughout the district, which equates to 156.700 square feet of space

- School grounds feature 10.3 million square feet of space

- In the last eight years, square footage through the District has increased by 226,600, or 18.6 per cent, equal to 186 average-sized houses

About the team

- 54 full-time equivalent caretaking staff, with each FTE cleaning the equivalent of 24 homes each day!

- 13 FTE maintenance staff, which includes:

  • one electrician (estimated 26,00 light fixtures and 7,000 outlets)
  • one plumber (estimated 1,000 toilets and 1,200 sinks, boilers and more)
  • two carpenters (wall repairs, floors, ceilings, door windows and whiteboards. Exterior walls and roofs equivalent of 1,000 houses)
  • four grounds crew (mow the equivalent of 200 house yards each week in summer, remove snow, shovel sidewalks in winter and performs the duties of a small moving company that transports items from school to school throughout the year)
  • four office team (planning, designing, contracting, scheduling, supporting and directing traffic)
  • one courier (picks up and delivers mail, parcels and supplies to and from all of our buildings)

Service tickets

A total of 1,436 service tickets from building sites were received by Facility Services from September to March of the 2018/2019 school year. Service tickets do not include all the services provided to address emergency calls and routine maintenance (mowing, snow removal, parking lots, fertilizer, landscaping, pointing, boiler system checks, equipment servicing, inspections, consultations and door and hardware upkeep). 

Facility Services staff members respond to emergency or school-based concerns before 8 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, along with 24 hour calls on weekends and holidays. This includes anything from alarm system calls, vandalism, police matters, equipment failures and system alerts to a number of other emergencies. A call-out phone is shared between the Director of Facility Services and the two co-ordinators.