Policy Feedback

Policy Process

Lethbridge School Division, through the Policy Advisory Committee, is seeking feedback on a number of policies. The policies currently up for review and open for feedback are listed below.

For any policy being reviewed you will find a marked-up version of the policy with changes being considered.
Please note, the marked-up versions of the policies typically include segments with strikethroughs and text that is in colour and underlined.
                - STRIKETHROUGHS: these are sentences/phrases/words which are proposed to be removed from the policy
                - UNDERLINED TEXT: this is proposed new language which may be added to the policy

Under each policy, you will find a feedback form. Please fill out the form for the policy you would like to provide feedback on. Please note, each policy has a different deadline for feedback, so please read carefully to ensure you meet the deadline. Your feedback will be anonymous.

Your feedback will go to the Policy Advisory Committee, and the committee will utilize feedback from a variety of sources to make additions, changes or deletions to the policies. The committee will then submit an amended version of the policy to the Board of Trustees, for approval during a Regular Meeting of the Board. It is important to understand that while all feedback will be considered, not all suggestions will be included in the amended version of the policy.

Below, you will find one policy open for feedback - Policy 609.1 Assessment of Student Achievement.

The proposed changes to the policy can be found below, along with a link to the policies as it is currently written.

Thank you for providing feedback. We greatly appreciate it.

Please check the website for opportunities to provide feedback on future policies. 

Policy 609.1 Assessment of Student Achievement

Policy 609.1 Assessment of Student Achievement

To download the marked-up document, please click the link below:

POLICY 609.1

The current version of the policy can be found here:

POLICY 609.1


Policy 609.1 Feedback Form

Policy 609.1 Assessment of Student Achievement Feedback Form

For a direct link to the feedback form, please click on the link below: