Town Hall 2020

Town Hall 2020 brings educational stakeholders together

The community gathered Tuesday evening at Victoria Park High School for Town Hall 2020.
The annual Lethbridge School Division event was hosted by the Board of Trustees as a means to collect valuable feedback from a wide variety of educational stakeholders. 
This year, the event included two main questions:
1. What resource allocations make the most significant impact to the school experience of students?
2. What are some new and innovative ideas the Board can think about the maximize resource allocation?
Board Chair Clark Bosch kicked things off with a welcome to the event, which was followed up by a presentation from the Division’s director of finance, Mark DeBoer. That presentation zeroed in on how resources are currently allocated by the province and distributed by the Division.
The rest of the evening was dedicated to group discussions and sharing. 
The Board will now review the feedback collected to frame the decision-making process concerning the distribution of resources that best meet Board priorities.
Educational stakeholders have one more opportunity to provide feedback to the two questions posed at Town Hall 2020. Click on this link to access an online survey: TOWN HALL

To view the documents shared at the Town Hall 2020 meeting, please click on the following links: