Staff Wellness Database

Meetings: Health Champ Meetings and Wellness Committee agendas

Wellness Committee Meeting #1- 2019/20

Health Champ Meeting #1- 2019/20

Wellness Grant:

Wellness Grant Applications- 2019

Staff Wellness (ASEBP, EFAP, Staff Wellness Throw Down):

Staff Wellness Throw Down - 2018/19

Social Media Fast

2018-10 Gratitude Poster for Healthy Champ Throwdown

ASEBP link : See Rik and Rhonda please

EFAP link: See Rik and Rhonda please

Documents (Policy):

Wellness Work Plan 2019

Wellness Policy (once it has its final reading) read Wellness Policy

Wellness Procedure (one the Policy has its final reading) read Wellness Procedures

Physical Literacy:

Outdoor learning sample lesson plans



Zones of Reguation

SR key points and building self-regulation skills

Universal Self-Regulation Strategies

Scaffolding Calm

Self-Regulation Rubric

Building self-regulation read Bio Self-Regulation Planner


“Fruits & Veg-Wellness- (read) Fruits and Veg Nutrition Program sample

Alberta Education School Nutrition Program

“School Nutrition Program Proposal Template” read School Nutrition Application 2019/20

“resource list and links for self reg” read “Self Regulation Resources”