Town Hall 2021

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Main themes from Town Hall 2021

The following are the seven main themes that emerged from the discussions held during Lethbridge School Division's Town Hall 2021 event. 
Town Hall put the focus on one question: 
In response to COVID-19, changes were made to school organization and instructional delivery. Are there changes that impacted students in a positive way that should continue and be built on?

1. Enhanced Sense of Community

- A sense of community is strong because individuals have had to band together, rely on each other, show strength and resilience and connect to support students with services in different ways. 

2. Online instruction

- Engagement with online learning provided a different opportunity for students to learn in new ways. Benefits included: Increase in skill with technology, great instructional strategies and increased engagement, recorded lessons helpful, enhanced ability to track work, great option for students who don’t succeed in traditional school setting, closer connection with staff, enhanced communication, greater access to resources, enhanced relationships and appreciation for common platform of Teams.  

3. Online platform for communication and parent engagement

- Online interactive platform for parent-teacher interviews and School Council meetings welcomed. Parents also saw enhanced communication.  

4. School structures

- Staggered Entry seen as beneficial and contributing to calmer climate, less congestions and reduced conflict 

- Some scheduling highlights at the high school level including longer classes, fewer classes a day and Flex Friday 

- Cohorting of students seen as inclusive and contributing to reduced conflict among students

5. Communication

Implementation of enhanced communication to parents from schools both at a school-wide level and teacher-parent level. 

6. Wellness

Appreciation expressed for increased attention to wellness including conversations about wellness with students, explicit teaching of wellness, wellness supports and breaks that supported activity. 

7. Health standards and secure schools

- Safe Schools has been an in increased focus, including locked doors at school facilities.

- Positive changes include attention to overall health standards (clean and sanitized facility and hygiene protocols).