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Careers at Lethbridge School District

Lethbridge School District No. 51 is committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining a staff focused on providing high quality education for all public school students in the city of Lethbridge. We pride ourselves on our strong professional development and available leadership experiences that assist each staff member to achieve growth in their specialty areas.

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Lethbridge School District No.51 is a charitable organization incorporated under the School Act of Alberta to provide educational programs and services to students in Lethbridge Alberta.


All stakeholders in the public education system have free access to the Lethbridge School District Policy Handbook.

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Lethbridge School Division

The Alias Dance Project residency will visit the LCI Arts Academy Dance program and the G.S. Lakie Dance program from Oct. 3-10. Learn more about the residency in the video located here: https://www.lethsd.ab.ca/our-district/news/post/alias-dance-project-residency-from-oct-3-10-at-lakie-and-lci


The @AliasDanceProj residency will visit @LCIDanceProgram and @gslakie from Oct. 3-10. Learn more about the residency in the video here: lethsd.ab.ca/our-district/n… https://t.co/Ytk10cBKfZ


The new Lethbridge School Divsion app is available for Apple and Android. Learn more about what the app can do for you, and how to download it, by visiting the following link: https://www.lethsd.ab.ca/our-district/news/post/lethbridge-school-division-app-available-for-apple-and-android