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What are Lethbridge College Exploratory Days?

Lethbridge College is offering an amazing exploratory opportunity designed for high school students to spend one day on the Lethbridge College campus exploring a potential area of interest for a career pathway. Delivered by Lethbridge College instructors, students will be introduced to the nature of activities that a student may engage in if taking the field of study at the College level. A chart outlining the courses and dates they are being offered is below.

Who Can Register: Students in Grades 10-11

Deadline:  Deadline to apply is April 20, 2022

How will I know if I am accepted into the Exploratory Program?

Your first step is to fill out a parent permission form. Then, submit your “Expression of Interest” form , found at the bottom of this page. Each Exploratory Program has a maximum number of students that may attend, so please specify your first, second and third choice Exploratory Program. Students will only be placed in one Exploratory Program. With a limited number of seats, acceptance into the program will be based on the order of receiving the Expressions of Interest.

You will receive an email confirming whether you have been accepted. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL THAT YOU PROVIDED ON THE EXPRESSION OF INTEREST ON A REGULAR BASIS. The confirmation email will provide you with any other necessary details for the day.

Details: Exploratory days will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Lethbridge College campus. Students meet at the front doors of the building called College Centre (main building located on the circular drive at the end of College Drive (COLLEGE MAP). Arrive at 8:50. Someone will be there to meet the students enrolled in the Exploratory Course. They will be checked in and walked to the assigned classroom. Lunch will be provided.

How does a student get to Lethbridge College Campus:

Students will need to find their own transportation. If taking City Transit, see the attached link for service times and routes: Lethbridge Transit

Parent Permission Form

Exploratories are school “off-campus” experiences which requires parental permission. Parents/Guardians must submit a consent form for students to attend.  Students will not be registered until parent consent forms have been received.