2023 Lego Challenge 

Some of this years highlight builds

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Enter As an Individual, Group, Classroom or School.

Theme: -A marvelous feat of engineering  

Challenge- Using only Lego, skillfully put together a Lego object that displays design and engineering. The build can use engines, machines, and structures to create a unique object that shows what you can do with Lego. It may be something as simple as building a house or creating a working robot, the ideas and possibilities are endless!

Judges will be scoring the builds with the following Rubric (Click Here)  

Blue ribbons will be awarded in the following categories

  • Best School Submission 
  • Best Classroom Submission  
  • Best Grade K-2 Submission 
  • Best Grade 3-5 Submission 
  • Best Middle School Submission (Grade 6,7,8)
  • Best High School Submission (Grade 9-12)
  • Engineering Award (Multiple)  
  • Creativity Award (Multiple)  

Only Bring Lego to School between Feb 27 and March 3 after submitted your work online.

Please note bringing your Lego to school is optional.