ICE Awards Scholarship

Canada 150 ICE Awards Virtual Event - Feb. 11, 2022

Canada 150 ICE Awards Scholarship Virtual Event

Lethbridge School Division invites the community of Lethbridge to be a partner in recognizing student innovation. This is in keeping with Lethbridge School Division’s vision, “Learners are innovative thinkers who are successful, confident, respectful and caring."

On Feb. 11, the Division hosted the sixth annual Scholarship event, with proceeds to go towards the Canada 150 Innovation Creativity Entrepreneurship (ICE) Awards. These awards are annual student scholarships originally developed by the Board of Trustees to celebrate the Division's vision, along with Canada’s 150th birthday. The Canada 150 ICE Awards, will be presented to high school students who have demonstrated innovative thinking. This award is not about grades or tests, but focuses on student work exemplifying innovation that has the potential to impact a field of study, business, industry or the community at large.

Those looking to support the scholarship can also contribute in three ways:
Event Sponsor - $1,500 (Event Sponsors will receive 20 passes for the 2022 event)
Supporters of Entrepreneurship - $500 (includes 15 passes)
Scholarship Supporters - $300 (includes 10 passes)
Please contact Christine Lee for more information. 

To apply for the scholarship, click the link below:


Breakfast sponsors

Please take a minute to view the video below to help us recognize all of our sponsors for 2022.