Our Department's Vision

"Implementing, enhancing and supporting technology to provide equitable access for all innovative learners. "

Our technology team prioritizes securing our students information and makes privacy a critical part operations. Leveraging technology to enhancing learning is also one of the main goals of the technology department in Lethbridge School Division. Our team is constantly striving to find new technologies that will enhance learning and support the needs of our students.

The Technology department is responsible for all the technology requirements of the school district including:

  • Local Area Networks
  • Wide Area networks
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer software and licensing
  • Systems security
  • Building Management Systems 
  • Evergreening of equipment
  • Integrating technology into the curriculum to maximize student learning
  • Equipment repair and maintenance  
  • Assisted learning
  • District Phones 
  • Paging Systems 
  • Printers and printing services 
  • Digital Signage 
  • Technology Purchasing 

Our department recommends parents, educators and community members visit Common Sense Media as a starting point to understanding some of the latest technology trends.