Business Affairs

Business Affairs

Christine Lee, FCPA, FCA, FCSBO, SFO

Business Affairs provides the support function to the instruction of the children who attend Lethbridge School Division. The division is responsible for a budget of more $130 million which serves the educational needs of over 11,800 students.

Business Affairs oversees the Finance, Technology, and the Facilities Departments. Business Affairs also handles transportation services, insurance/risk management, legal matters, grievances, arbitrations and is involved in collective bargaining.

Kids are our Business!

The Finance Department provides support and is responsible for the Division's budget and financial processing and information.  This department includes payroll, benefits, purchasing, accounts payables, accounts receivables, and reporting.  This department also assists each of the schools with their budget and financial requirements.  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) is also administered in Finance.

Please see the Finance Department section(s) for additional information.

The Technology Department provides support and is responsible for all of the Division's technology requirements.  This department maintains all of the Division's networks, system security, purchase/maintenance of all of the computer equipment, and assist in integration of technology into the curriculum to maximize student learning.

Please see the Technology Department section(s) for additional information.

The Facility Services Department provides support and is responsible for the construction, operation, maintenance, caretaking, safety and security of all schools and other facilities throughout the Division.

Please see the Facility Services Department section(s) for additional information.

The Transportation Services provides support and is responsible for all activities of transporting students to, from and between schools.  There are over 4,000 students transported within our Division, including students with special needs.

Please see the Transportation Services section(s) for additional information.