Human Resources

Human Resources

Mike Nightingale

Lethbridge School Division is committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining a staff focused on providing high quality education for all public school students in the city of Lethbridge. We pride ourselves on our strong professional development and available leadership experiences that assist each staff member to achieve growth in their specialty areas.

It is our belief that as we all become the best that we can be, our students will acquire the best education possible. To this end, we provide comprehensive services within a progressive education environment.

Contact Information

For general inquiries please call 403-380-5321

Mike Nightingale  Associate Superintendent, Human Resources 403-380-5297
Rhonda Aos   Director, Human Resources 403-380-7391
Stacey Wichers  Coordinator, Human Resources 403-328-5711
Katie Guccione Executive Assistant to the Associate   Superintendent of Human Resources - ATA   Inquiries/Questions 403-380-5297
Amber Ruest  Administrative Professional to the Director of   Human Resources - CUPE 2843 & Non-Union   Inquiries/Questions 403-380-7391
Jolayne Prus  District Administrative Assistant - CUPE 290   Inquiries/Questions 403-380-5302
Carrie Fahl  District Administrative Assistant 403-380-5321

Individuals interested in making a significant difference in the lives of students are invited to apply to:

Lethbridge School Division Human Resources
433 15 Street South
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2Z5

Phone:(403) 380-5321
Fax:(403) 320-5706
Email addresses for specific inquiries are found by clicking on staff member names listed above.