Fleetwood-Bawden is proud to house a Montessori alternate program for students in Grades 1-5. Although there are many similarities between our regular elementary classrooms and that of a Montessori classroom, there some distinguishing features that make it unique. Learn more here:


Winston Churchill is proud to offer students the opportunity to take a full Diploma in the International Baccalaureate Program. The full Diploma is completed in addition to the High School diploma offered through the Province of Alberta. Learn more here:


Spanish bilingual programming establishes an environment in which both English and Spanish are used for the purposes of communication and learning. Students have numerous opportunities to learn and use language in meaningful and purposeful ways. Learn more here:


The aim of the PHD program is to develop each player’s individual technical skills. The vision
of the program focuses on students achieving their individual potential, but at the same time
developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful in the sport of hockey. The program is open to male and female students of all skill levels who play hockey from Gilbert Paterson Middle School. Learn more here:


École Agnes Davidson has a well-established French Immersion program. The school has dedicated French immersion teachers and staff who are skilled and passionate about their job. French Immersion is an educational approach intended to teach students to understand and communicate in French by teaching them most of their school subjects in French. In immersion programs, French is not only a subject, but a language of instruction and a means of communication. Learn more here:


In the fall of 2017, École Nicholas Sheran became the designate French Immersion School for students living on the west side of Lethbridge. The combination of French and English classes has led to a school designation of dual track. Learn more about the school's French Immersion program here:


Gilbert Paterson Middle School provides French Immersion programming to students in Grade 6-8. Math, Science, Social Studies and French Language Arts are taught in French. Learn more here:


High school French Immersion programming is provided at LCI. In Grade 9, Math, Science, Social Studies and French Language Arts are taught in French. In Grade 10, 11 and 12, the program changes to a French Bilingual Program, as 60 per cent of the instruction is in French. Learn more here:


Learning starts the moment a child is born. The first six years of a child’s life are an extremely important time in their development. It is a critical time in human development when the brain is developing connections faster than at any other time in a person’s life. Strong brain foundations are critical to support future learning and life success. Learn more here:


The Lethbridge Collegiate Institute Arts Academy offers students the opportunity to graduate with an Arts Certificate, indicating they have completed 40 credits in The Arts, including the Professional Development In The Arts (PDA) course. Learn more here:


The G.S. Lakie Guitar program has been running strong for the past seven years. The program is not an afterschool or lunch time club. It is a sequential three year (Grade 6 through Grade 8) music program teaching music using the guitar as the vehicle of instruction. Learn more here:


The G.S. Lakie Dance Program believes in creating a positive, engaging and inclusive atmosphere welcoming students of all levels and abilities. The program offers differentiated instruction in order to develop a movement vocabulary and expand each students' physical literacy and dance technique.