Board meeting information

Click on the tab below for a link to Board of Trustees meeting minutes, agendas and the highlights from previous meetings from the current school year.


Town Hall

The Lethbridge School Division Board of Trustees hosts an annual Town Hall to collect feedback from a wide range of stakeholders. Learn more about Town Hall by visiting the link below. 


Archived Documents

Looking for archived Board meeting agendas or highlights? Click on the link below to access information from meetings held prior to the current school year.




Lethbridge School Division Communications Plan

Lethbridge School Division has developed a comprehensive communications plan, the guide the Division's interactions with our staff, educational stakeholders and the general public. The plan seeks to engage those both directly involved in the education system (internal audiences) and those outside the system (external audiences) who have a vested
interest in the education system on some level.

To learn more about the plan, please click on the following link:


Division Communication Tools

For more information on the communication tools utilized by lethbridge School Division, please click on the link below:


Need a place where you can quickly store all of your usernames and passwords for your Division apps? Download and fill out the app checklist here:


Communication Policy

Lethbridge School Division has a Communications policy, which outlines the District's commitment to fostering effective two-way communication, and developing positive relationships within the community. View the policy by clicking on the following link:


Channels of Communication and Disputes Resolution Policy

Lethbridge School Division has a policy that outlines the channels of communication for trustees and stakeholders. To view the policy, please see the following link:


School councils

Through school councils, Albertans assume an advisory role in education matters ranging from academic programs to school policies and budgeting. Learn more here:



Our Division utilizes the SchoolMessenger system to deliver text messages, straight to your mobile phone, with important information about school closures, safety alerts and more. Information is also deliver via email and through phone calls. SchoolMessenger is also employed to track attendance in some schools.

SchoolGuide App

The free SchoolGuide app brings you the latest reminders, news and emergency alerts from your selected schools, right to your iOS or Android device. Lethbridge School Division, and each of our schools, will have an app available for download. To learn more about where to find the app, please visit the following link:



PowerSchool SIS is used by our district as our student data system, and is used to create enrollments and schedules, among other things. The PowerSchool student and parent portals save schools from having to print items like report cards and attendance reports, as parents and guardians have access to all of this information on their portal. All the information is current and in real time. Click on the following link to visit the PowerSchool student and parents sign-in page:


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