Dual Credit

Lethbridge School Division, University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College are working together to develop High School Dual Credit opportunities for the 2018/19 school year and in the future. Collaboration and partnership in our communities and with our post-secondary institutions is a vital part of providing opportunities and choice for our high school students. Learn more here:


Off-Campus Education

Sign up for work experience, even if you do not need the credits. Use it to boost your average for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship and other scholarships (use your mark as your fifth course). Use work experience as the fifth course for university and college entrance requirements as well. Learn more here:


Alternative Programs

Lethbridge School Division offers a wide variety of program options for students. Montessori programming and the International Baccalaureate program offer further option to students. Learn more about more options provided by the district here:


"Implementing, enhancing and supporting technology to provide equitable access for all innovative learners. "

Lethbridge Schools are always experimenting with new tools that spark creativity and enhance curriculum. Below are just some of the innovative tools that have been recently added to our schools' classrooms and learning commons spaces. 

Meet Ozobot, a fun little robot students can program using an iPad or simply by giving instructions by creating different patterns on paper with markers. You can find Ozbot in many of our elementary Learning Commons areas.

Go beyond the screen with OSMO, an interactive tool that uses textile with the digital help support Literacy and Numeracy. Teachers can place their own vocabulary and pictures into the app and have students play a spelling bee type game. The app is also available in French so it is great for our French Language Learners.  Find OSMO kits throughout our elementary school Learning Commons spaces. 

Dash and Dot are a great robotic duo! Students create algorithms that solve problems, like making the robots navigate through a complex maze. Dash and Dot come with a set of challenge cards that are grade specific so students can work independently, mastering challenges. You can find Dash and Dot in a number of our Learning Commons spaces. 

Microsoft Surface Studio is a new category of device, designed to put you at the center of the creative process. Turn your desk into a Studio. Schools can sign out the Studio from the technology department. If you would like to book the studio please contact

The first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform developed by HTC and Valve for total immersion in virtual worlds. Using a headset and wireless controllers, you can now explore and interact with VR experiences, apps that blur the lines between imagination and reality. If you would like to reserve it please contact 

The Revolution is not the only 3D printer being used in the Lethbridge School district, but it is the newest. You can see the printer in action by contacting (AKA Fish)

Lego WeDo 2.0 technology is being introduced and utilized currently at Coalbanks Elementry School.  Lego WeDo can help educators teach science and engineering to students. To learn more about the Lego WeDo Kits please contact 

 This is not your regular Minecraft but an education version designed for teachers to teach computer codding and curriculum. To learn more visit 

Cubelets robotic blocks stick together to help students learn how to program. The combination of syntax free drag-and-drop programming and the expansive Cubelets Blockly tutorials means you can begin adding unique behavior to your construction in no time. You can find Cubelets in many of our Learning Commons spaces. 

Empowering Invention and Innovation in Kids Little Bits are great little electronic building blocks. Learn to use a relay in a circuit is just one of many things, students can learn from the little bits tool box.  Find little bits at Galbraith Elementary in the Learning Commons space. 

Try Google Home in our new middle school Learning Commons. Ask Google questions like “Who is Tom Joed”? Google may have answers. 

The Ricoh 360 camera is being used by the district to create new and exciting 360 videos to support student learning. See a 360 video tour of our new middle school by clicking on the link.