Student Resources

Revalidation / Legalization of School Marks

Many countries including Brazil, Colombia and Mexico require school final report cards to be legalized and revalidated in Canada in order for such documents to be accepted by that country's education system.  The International Services Office of Lethbridge School District No. 51 offers a revalidation of marks service for those students who require it.  Students needing this service must:

  1. Complete the Request for Revalidation / Legalization of School Marks Form      
  2. Pay the required fee

The fee for this service is $225.00 and must be paid at the time the revalidation request form is submitted. This amount covers:

  • certification (signature and seal) of the school report card by the International Services office (for students not earning an Alberta High School Diploma)
  • cost of acquiring the official transcript from Alberta Education (for students earning an Alberta High School Diploma)
  • translation of the school report card or official transcript into the student's home country language
  • revalidation or legalization of the documents according to the requirements of the student's home country consulate or embassy in Canada
  • ExpressPost postage to the embassy and then to the student's home country

Fees may be paid by cash or by direct wire transfer, a certified cheque or bank draft. 

The timeline to complete revalidation of marks is affected by a number of factors including the date at which schools release their final report cards, as well as the working time required by the Consulate/Embassy Offices.  Every effort will be made to ensure that revalidated report cards are forwarded to you as quickly as possible.  You should expect that this process will take at least 2-3 weeks.

For further information contact the International Services Office.

Returning Students

International students currently enrolled in Lethbridge School District No. 51 may apply to extend their study period.  There are two important steps in this process:


Students must complete the Returning Student Application Form

Deadlines for returning student applications are:

  • Fall Semester students:  apply by November 30
  • Spring Semester students:  apply by May 31
  • Full Year students:  apply by May 31

Step 2:

Students must determine if they require an extension of their study permits.  You may apply for an extension while you are still in Canada but you should do this at least 60 days prior to your current expiry date.  A new letter of acceptance from the International Services Office of Lethbridge School District will be requred.  To apply for an extension of your study permit you can click here to go to the appropriate Government of Canada website and follow the instructions provided there.

If you need any help completing this process please contact the International Services Office.