Job Descriptions

Administrative Support

This is the working level for positions performing a variety of clerical tasks in support of school office operations. The work of this class includes word processing and reception services, maintaining various school and student records, operating standard office and school equipment, assisting in organizing school events and activities. This level is distinguished from the previous level by the variety of work performed and the variety of contacts.

Administrative Assistant

This is the full working and/or supervisory clerical level for positions responsible for overseeing the operations of a school office. Positions in this class are either directly responsible for all administrative support functions and processes within the office or have responsibility for performing specialized administrative support functions and for supervising School Support staff performing assigned tasks and more routine work. Administrative support functions include maintaining all school and student records, accounting and budget functions, providing input to administrative plans, reception, word processing, purchasing and inventory control. Employees within this class also coordinate information and provide special reports for internal and external use.

Educational Assistant

Positions in this class provide assistance and support to students with identified special needs affecting the student’s ability to participate effectively in the school environment. Tasks performed are varied and dependent on the identified needs of the student. Responsibilities include attending to physical, emotional, behavioral and personal hygiene needs, assisting with academic tasks and assignments, monitoring progress and implementing and monitoring established behavior modification programs.

Student Support Worker

Positions in this class provide support and services to students experiencing emotional, behavioral or other problems that impact the student’s ability to participate in the school environment. Employees in this class often act in an advisory role to facilitate student’s access to services or provide direct assistance in response to students’ needs or teachers’ requests. Responsibilities include identifying students potentially at risk, accessing appropriate internal and external resources, organizing and facilitating support groups and monitoring student progress within established treatment plans. Work may also include tasks related to student registration and record keeping.Learning Commons/Library Facilitator

Learning Commons/Library Facilitator

The Learning Commons/Library Facilitator supports schools by being an agile and responsive individual who creates an environment that is available to individuals and groups to use for multiple, often simultaneous, purposes.  Learning Commons/Library Facilitators support literacy, numeracy, competency development, and student learning outcomes.  Learning Commons/Library Facilitators provide access to print and digital resources, including the use of technology for learning in order to enable creation, collaboration, and communication.

Learning Commons/Library Facilitators work collaboratively on the selection and acquisition of material for the learning commons in consultation with Administration and/or the school based Learning Commons Committee. Learning Commons/Library Facilitators provide support, space and, resources for inquiry, play, and imagination.

Learning Commons/Library Facilitator Classification Specifications

Business Support

This is a specialized administrative work performed in support of school financial and business operations. Positions in this class are responsible for the accounting, budget, purchasing and inventory control functions. Work at this level differs from other positions performing similar work by the greater scope of responsibilities in relation to budget preparation, the greater variety of factors that impact the financial operations of the school and the multi-faceted nature of the school programs. This results in a greater analytical, problem solving and monitoring role. Positions at this level also function in an expert/advisory role to administrative staff within their area of responsibility.

District Administrative Support

This is varied clerical work performed in support of one or more school district administrative functions or program areas. Positions in this class provide a variety of standard word processing and clerical services or perform specialized clerical support tasks within a specific program or functional area. Typical responsibilities may include records maintenance, providing and obtaining information from the public or district staff, coordinating meetings/functions and performing other office routines. Specialized clerical positions typically maintain related records, review and process transactions and respond to routine inquiries.

District Administrative Assistant

This is specialized administrative office support work. Positions within this class perform duties requiring expertise in a program of functional area and involving the delivery or the operation of a program or specific function. Duties may include the review, assessment and processing of inquiries, documents, and other records. Positions are involved in a variety of tasks that impact the work area or the school district operations.


The Caretaker is responsible to the Head Caretaker or designate on a daily basis.

The Caretaker is responsible for completing the sweeping, spot washing, damp mopping, and vacuuming of all floors. Washing of students' desks, spot washing of all vertical surfaces, disinfecting door handles, cleaning of all glass and dusting.The Caretaker will dispose of all school waste and removing it from the school to BFI bins. Preventative maintenance and frequency tasks will be completed under the direction of the Head Caretaker. 

Head Caretaker

The Head Caretaker communicates to the Principal or designate on daily needs to ensure efficient operation of school and grounds. The Head Caretaker opens and closes facility, calls in emergency repair items to maintenance, responds to security callouts, works with all staff communicating concerns through the right channels so results are seen, reports on the merits or concerns of caretaking staff performance, completes minor requests by all staff to ensure the facility runs smoothly, and is responsible for the movement of furniture throughout the school.

The Head Caretaker will have knowledge of all duties of the Caretaker.