Health & Safety

Quick Reference Sheet for Accident, Injury & Incident Reporting

Quick Reference Sheet for Reporting - PSW

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PSW Home Page


Safety Training Courses

Completing Compliance Tasks:

Report Completion of Compliance Task Order Online

Employee/Student Accident Reporting:

Reporting Employee Accidents

Reporting Student Accidents


Reporting an Employee Near Miss Incident

Reporting a Safety Hazard, Unsafe Conditions and Safety Suggestions

Reporting Pest Sightings or Signs of Pests

Chemical and Safety Data Sheets:

Get a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Speak with a Safety or Chemical Specialist (1-866-724-6650)


PSW Resources - Includes the Following:

1. Hazard Assessments

2. Division Safety Plans, Policies and Procedures

3. Safety Forms, Checklists, Tags and Labels

4. Safety Articles and Information

5. Government Safety Regulations

Safety Poster Resource

Worksite Health and Safety Committee Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations

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