2022 Minecraft Challenge Winners

Best Class Submission: Grade 4-5 Cole Olson (Fleetwood)

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Best Group: Tamar Wood & Sydney Mutai

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High School First Place: Hailey Maloff

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High School Second Place: Seth Hornberger

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Middle School First Place: Brynn Hopkinson

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Middle School Second Place: Oscar Hagen


Elementary School First Place: Alina Baybuz

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Elementary School Second Place: Matthew Sanden

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Creative Award: Ilario Tata

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Creative Award: Jyuan Alfoncee Sagmit, Owen Gurney, Cooper Sommerfeldt, Ronin Smith, Calum Steele

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Creative Award: Riley Shaw

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Creative Award: Jared Cano Fernandez

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Honorable Mentions

Lincoln Mackey

Neil Gharzeddine

Jasper Vanrobaeys

Simon Viola Schooten

Adler Wilkinson

Zachary Sillito

Stefan Gulash

Luke Pollock

Walker Lange

Sarima Onwuchektwa

Frankie Bohan

Note: Not all recipient names have been published due to FOIP. If your student received an honorable mention and you would like their name published, please contact jesse.sadlowski@lethsd.ab.ca

Thank you to London Drugs for supplying the prizes for our Minecraft Build a School Challenge