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LCI recognizes award winners at Green and Gold Day

Earlier this month, Lethbridge Collegiate Institute celebrated students during the 2022 version of Green and Gold Day.
As co-curriculars and extra-curriculars made a return for 2021/2022, the school had an opportunity to celebrate Green 2 Gold accomplishments, fine arts major awards and athletic awards.
Fine Arts Awards:
- Lisa Doolittle Dance Award- Awarded to a Graduating Student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in curricular and co-curricular dance: Male: Stephano Washikala, Female: Allie Bratt.
- Betty Poulson Legacy Award-  This is awarded to  Graduating Students who has improved the most in dance: Male: Brian Sheen- Female: Janelle Murphy.
- Koji Nagahama Leadership Award- This is awarded to a Graduating Students for leadership in Dance: Male: Daniel VanTonder Female: Ceili DeBoer.
- LCI arts academy Dance Awards - This is awarded to a Graduating Students (male and female) for Dedication and Love of Dance: Male: Diego Friesen Female: Taylor Wichers.
- Country 95.5 Music Scholarship Awarded to a Graduating Student who is planning to pursue post-secondary education in Music: Female: Kylee Chritchlow, Male: Finn Shimozawa.
- Louie Armstrong Jazz Award - awarded to a student demonstrating exceptional dedication and ability in instrumental music (Band/Jazz Band): Tayson Prete.
- Dr. Walter Gray Award- be awarded to a student demonstrating exceptional dedication and ability in music (Band): Kylee Chritchlow.
- John Philp Sousa Award - In recognition of outstanding achievement in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying high qualities of conduct that school instrumental music requires: Alex Masson.
- Long & Mcquade choral award - Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skill in choir: Alexa DeJager.
- Kyle Leavitt Music Award- awarded to a graduating music student: Alex Masson.
- Gerry and Brian Steward Award-  Gerry and Brian Stewart Fine Arts Memorial Award is presented to the student with characteristics of hard work, dedication, commitment to Academics and Fine Arts (specifically Chamber Choir), and service to community and/or school: Tayson Prete.
- LCI Technical Theatre Award - Awarded to a Graduating Student with an aptitude in the technical aspects of theatre: Logan Meyer.
- Brendon Mcquaid Fine Arts Award - The student should be a good representation of empathy, respect and kindness. Brendon graduated from LCI a good student who was a strong participant in the arts as well as athletics and was always kind and respectful to both his peers and his teachers – he went on to finish his nursing degree where his empathic characteristic was perceived as being second-to-none. Brendon would be proud to pass on his legacy to someone of the same nature: Ethan Bintu Watt.
- Josh Wilson Drama Award - Josh Wilson was a Drama student at LCI whose life was cut short by cancer.  Some people, however, don’t need a long life to make an impact and Josh was one of those individuals.  He led us all by example.  Josh demonstrated the power of humour and courage in the face of terror and darkness. The purpose of Josh’s award is to remind us all of the strength that we can produce if we look for something positive each and every day.   Josh demonstrated that courage in the small details of day-to-day living. Presented to the Drama student who shows humor and character despite some adversity in his/her life and shows compassion to others: Ethan Bintu Watt.
- Dr. Yates Award - awarded the D.R. Yates Fine Arts Awards for their Achievements in the areas of drama, art, choral music and instrumental music: Ethan Bintu Watt.
- Barbara Walker Fine Arts Award- is presented to the student who displays outstanding achievement in two or more areas of Fine Arts at LCI.  This recognition is intended to reflect an exceptional level of achievement in areas of performance, dedication to the Arts, and responsibility to the group, while maintaining a respectable academic record: Ivy Norton.
Sports Awards:
- Brock Ramias Citizen Athlete Scholarship - Brock Ramias Citizen Athlete Scholarship is awarded to the LCI student that most represents the heart, kindness, commitment, and determination to influence those around them in a positive way and an undying passion for “their game”. The recipient should be humble, genuine, embrace a love of life and fun. They must understand the importance of relationships, not only with close friends and families, but also with all individuals. This person must selflessly go the extra mile to help others in times of need and practice random acts of kindness. They must demonstrate a strong work ethic regardless of the challenges they face: Charlize Medilo.
- Gerry and Brian Stewart Award - Gerry and Brian were lost in June 2003 while pursuing their dreams climbing in Russia.  This award is presented to the student with characteristics of hard work, dedication, commitment in Cross Country: Madeline Taylor.
- Gr. 9 Female Athlete of Year: Madison Kutsch.
Gr. 9 Male Athlete of Year: Avery Mackenzie.
- Gr. 10 Female Athlete of Year: Nyla Butler.
- Gr. 10 Male Athlete of Year- Ryker Zuidhof.
- Gr. 11 Female Athlete of Year- Tamryn Bly.
- Gr. 11 Male Athlete of Year- Blake Van Bruggen.
Gr. 12 Female Athlete of Year: Maddie French.
Gr. 12 Male Athlete of Year- Carson Procee.
Competitor’s Courage Award: Kobee Hall.
Green 2 Gold Athletic Award: Kobee Hall and Bradley Pike.
Pat Adams Memorial Scholarship- Pat Adams exemplified the all-around student during his time at LCI. He was involved with the fine arts, sports and was the class president in gr. 12. This scholarship is given to a gr. 12 female and/or male student who has performed well in the areas of fine arts and/or athletics. This student exemplifies leadership and volunteerism in the LCI community: Qwynn Pallett and Alejandro Figueroa.
Marge Clark Award: Autumn Wood.
Jim Whitelaw Award: Crew Hirsche.