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Michelle Tyslau appointed vice-principal at Westminster Elementary School

Lethbridge School Division is pleased to announce Michelle Tyslau has been appointed vice-principal at Westminster Elementary School, commencing the 2023/2024 school year.
An educator known for her inclusive lens and expertise in applying a strength-based approach to support students, Tyslau will draw from these assets in her role as vice-principal at Westminster. She has modeled commitment to building an inclusive environment where all students are celebrated and believes relationship building is foundational to leadership and that active listening and valuing the perspective of others is key to growth.
Tyslau has a strong background in literacy and numeracy and understands the importance of applying sound assessment practices as well as data driven research to inform instruction. Collaboration and working together as a collective to build capacity are important to Tyslau. She also recognizes the value that flexibility, creativity and responsive decision making brings to a school community that works together.
Tyslau believes that experiences in and out of the classroom in an authentic and positive learning environment contributes to building student character and life skills. She is committed to supporting the school community and activities that engage families and students outside of the classroom.
“I am incredibly delighted and honoured to join the team at Westminster,” said Tyslau. “It will be an absolute pleasure to work alongside the fantastic staff as we continue to go the extra mile to support students through inclusive academic learning opportunities aimed at building responsible citizens with strong foundations and innovative minds. I am looking forward to forming relationships with staff, students and families as we persist in supporting a safe and respectful school culture where all students belong and are successful. I am grateful for the many experiences and connections made so far in my career and look forward to building new ones at Westminster.”
Tyslau started her career in Lethbridge School Division at the Lethbridge Outreach High School and Pitawani School. Following this, she spent time as a classroom teacher at Wilson Middle School for several years before assuming the role of Learning Support Teacher. She moved to Galbraith Elementary School as Learning Support Teacher and has complemented this role with periods of time as Acting Vice-Principal and Acting Principal.
Her passion for inclusive learning and building staff capacity will serve the students and staff of Westminster well. Tyslau earned her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge. She was awarded her Master of Education degree focusing on School Leadership and Administration from Gonzaga University.