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Gilbert Paterson Fine Arts Department production set for Feb. 12-15

Gilbert Paterson Middle School's Fine Arts Department is set to present Brothers Grimm - Out of Order.
The show is running from Feb, 12-15, as students are performing 10 times over the four-day period. Very limited daytime seating is available, and the Monday and Tuesday shows are sold out.
Evening tickets are now up for sale on School Cash Online. Tickets will also be available at the door for each night, if there are available seats.  
The play has been described as a super-fun comedy about a school play, with connections to some very familiar fairy tales. 
The Gilbert Paterson Small Gym will host the shows. Doors open and rush seating each night at 6:30 p.m., as the shows run at 7 p.m. between Feb. 12-15.
On Feb. 13, Paterson is hosting a spaghetti fundraiser dinner to help support the costs of the production. The meal will take place in the large gym from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

When brothers Jake and Will Grimm can’t agree on a script, they end up in a fight. Pages are swapped, plots are intermingled and it’s a complete mess!
After all, Jake likes blood and guts and Will likes fluffy bunnies and happy endings. What’s worse is the principal is coming to see a production of the show in less than half an hour!
The intermingled storyline now has Hansel and Jorinda on their way to meet the stage mother and her two evil step daughters, Gretel and Joringel, who’s so happy to be part of the “A” story, he’ll be a step-SISTER.
Meanwhile, Rapunzel, who’s been demoted from ingénue to character actress, wants her son, Prince Charming (with big-time “family” connections), to go to the Gingerbread Castle for a ball to meet his true love, the evil witch Cinderella. With naming calling, finger pointing and lots of “I quits,” the entire show collapses just as the principal arrives.
But all is not lost! The producer rallies the troops with an incredibly cheesy speech, and the cast dishes out the works of the Brothers Grimm in six minutes and 12 seconds.
And although they don’t truly succeed, they actually find their own path to happily ever after.