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West Coulee Station Elementary School selected as name for new school

Lethbridge School Division received 31 submissions from members of the public with name suggestions for the new school. A committee consisting of staff, students, parents and community members reviewed the names and provided recommendations to the Board of Trustees.
At the site of the new school under construction on the city’s westside, where rolling coulees meet the rich history of railway heritage, the Division is honoured to introduce West Coulee Station Elementary School.
The name, carefully crafted and steeped in significance, pays respect to the natural beauty of our surroundings – the iconic coulees and the railway legacy woven into the fabric of the community's identity.
In West Coulee Station Elementary School, we find not just a name, but a reflection of our collective spirit, our commitment to education and our deep-rooted connection to southern Alberta. It signifies a gateway to learning and a hub of community engagement for our youngest learners, from Kindergarten to Grade 5.