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Message from Lethbridge School Division Supt. Dr. Cheryl Gilmore

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the world around us, and what we have come to know and appreciate in our own community, including Lethbridge School Division.

Thank you to parents, guardians, students and significant others working hard and providing support in the endeavour of learning from home. I also thank you for your patience. I am incredibly proud of what our staff have accomplished in a very short period of time in the transition from classroom person-to-person teaching to the provision of learning at home. The learning curve is steep for all employees and families, and this week we are in somewhat of a transition phase as staff continue to learn and adjust. I encourage any parents or students experiencing challenges with this learning platform to email or communicate in the platform suggested by the school with teachers directly. I know that all of our staff are open to feedback and want to support students.

Countless families have been impacted in a variety of ways and continue to navigate the challenges day by day. I am grateful for living in a community that is gracious to one another and supportive of individuals and families in need.

On Saturday, the Government of Alberta announced the temporary reallocation of resources, which shifted funds from education to Alberta’s COVID-19 response. The health emergency which has gripped the world continues to have implications close to home.

We face the unfortunate task of extending release notifications and announcing temporary layoffs to some staff. Although these adjustments are temporary, they will have a significant impact on the Lethbridge School Division team going forward.

For the staff members who will be departing mid-month and at the end of the month, your unwavering commitment to students and families is truly valued.

I want to emphasize the temporary reductions in no way diminish the excellent work these individuals have done, the connection they have made with students or the support they offer to our colleagues, families and school communities.

On behalf of Lethbridge School Division, thank you for all you have done, and will do again in the future, for all of our students and families. We look forward to reuniting with each of you soon.

The Division is committed to continuing the work in building structures and providing support to meet the needs of students, with the goal of all students having access to learning.

Dr. Cheryl Gilmore,
Superintendent of Schools,
Lethbridge School Division

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