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Lethbridge School Division selects Board Chair and Vice-Chair

During Monday afternoon’s Organizational Meeting, Lethbridge School Division’s Board of Trustees selected its Chair and Vice-Chair.
Allison Purcell was named Chair and Christine Light was named Vice-Chair.
The Board also determined its committee appointments for the 2021/2022 school year.
The appointments are as follows:
Standing Committees (* denotes chair)
Board Audit Committee - Craig Whitehead* and Tyler Demers
Board Budget Committee - Kristina Larkin* and Genny Steed
Community Engagement Committee - Genny Steed* and Christine Light
Division Wellness Committee - Andrea Andreachuk* and Genny Steed
Facilities Committee - Tyler Demers* and Christine Light
Indigenous Education Advisory Committee - Christine Light* and Andrea Andreachuk
Policy Advisory Committee - Craig Whitehead* and Kristina Larkin
Poverty Intervention Committee - Kristina Larkin*
Spirit of 51 Committee - Tyler Demers* and Andrea Andreachuk
Superintendent Evaluation Committee - Allison Purcell* and Christine Light and Genny Steed
Special (ad hoc) Committees (* denotes chair)
ATA Negotiating Committee - Craig Whitehead* and Allison Purcell
CUPE (Local 290) Negotiating Committee 0 Kristina Larkin* and Andrea Andreachuk
CUPE (Local 2843) Negotiating Committee - Christine Light* and Tyler Demers
Non-Union Staff Committee - Christine Light* and Kristina Larkin
Expulsion Committee - selected as required
Joint Committees (* denotes chair)
ATA Working Conditions Committee - Genny Steed* and Tyler Demers
City/School Boards Committee - Christine Light* and Allison Purcell
Appointment of Board Representatives
ASBA Zone 6 Executive - Allison Purcell
Division School Council - Christine Light and Genny Steed
Division Student Leadership - Kristina Larkin
Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) - Tyler Demers
Team Lethbridge - Christine Light and Craig Whitehead