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Lethbridge School Division issues apology for inappropriate social-media post

Lethbridge School Division is aware of a Chinook High School Instagram post that included an inappropriate reference to law enforcement.
The post in question, which provided tips on appropriate Halloween costumes, represented an error in judgement – an error the school and the Division wishes to take full responsibility for.
Along with a written apology posted to the Chinook Instagram page, the school will also post a video apology, later today, to acknowledge the mistake that has been made. 
Administrators at Chinook will be meeting with its students this afternoon to discuss the ramifications posts of this nature can have. A letter containing an apology on behalf of the entire Chinook community will also he sent home to parents by the end of the day.
Lethbridge School Division also recognizes the serious nature of the error and offers sincere apologies to the entire law-enforcement community.
The Division is extremely appreciative of the efforts of our local police, who have worked tirelessly to develop relationships with our schools in an effort to make our learning spaces as safe as they can possibly be.
The Lethbridge Police Service has always been extremely responsive to our needs as a school division, and we greatly value that partnership.
Social media is a powerful tool, and both Chinook High School and Lethbridge School Division seek to learn from this mistake and improve upon our processes going forward.

To read a letter from Chinook principal Bill Forster, addressed to the Chinook High School community, please click on this link: LETTER.