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Making Connections transitioning to new model as result of funding changes

Since 1996, Lethbridge School Division families have benefitted from Making Connections programming.
Making Connections workers support vulnerable families in Lethbridge and connect then to a wide range of community resources.
The professionals who have been a part of this team have demonstrated a commitment and dedication, and the services and care they demonstrate daily is truly excellent.
Due to unforeseen provincial funding changes from our external agencies, the role of the Making Connections Workers has been divided into two different roles.
In their place, eight new positions, with different mandates, will be created. Across the Division, there will be four Mental Health Capacity Building Wellness Coaches, with terms until June of 2022, and four Family Support Worker positions, on temporary contracts until June of 2020. These positions will have an April 1, 2020 start date. This will directly impact the level of family support services that currently are being received in the Lethbridge Community.
The four Mental Health Capacity Building Wellness Coaches will provide universal mental health promotion, which will include early intervention for students, building capacity of school staff on mental health, promoting positive mental health and increasing access to mental health services and early-intervention programming.
The temporary four Family Support workers will provide early intervention for youth and families, improve knowledge and access to services, build capacity of parents on mental health and promote positive mental health in our community.
The Division will continue to support the Making Connections team during this difficult time. We honour and respect the work our fine people in Making Connections have done and look forward to continued support in a different capacity, including the opportunity until June to provide targeted supports from the family service and community perspective.
The Division will continue to reflect upon how best to support our families and work with community into the 2020/2021 school year.

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