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Senator Joyce Fairbairn Medals of Honour presented in special ceremony

Back on June 19, 2019, the Senator Joyce Fairbairn Medals of Honour were handed out for the very first time.
What was intended to become an annual tradition was postponed by a global pandemic.
But last Friday, the school community was finally able to gather again, as 11 people were recognized with Fairbairn’s highest honour.
“It’s the only awards we publicly give out,” said Fairbairn vice-principal Terry Hagel, who added Fairbairn does not host separate ceremonies for academic and athletic awards.
In a typical year, the Medals of Honour would be decided upon in June, following weeks of meetings, as teachers begin the process of nominating students in April or May.
In the end, Fairbairn seeks out its best and brightest, the students whose defining qualities best match those of the school and its namesake – Senator Joyce Fairbairn, known for her dedication and tireless work in making the world a better place.
Going forward, the goal is bring the award winners back in the fall, as the graduated Grade 9 students will receive their medals in another special ceremony.
“They will be presented in front of our new students,” said Hagel. “We really want our Grade 6s to strive to become medal winners in the future.”
Friday’s event may have been a long time coming, but for the school and its 2021/2022 medal winners, the ceremony was an important way celebrate the meaningful and inspiring facets of the school’s namesake.
“This was pretty special,” said Hagel. “The staff and students were so excited to be together. It really gave us that sense of community again.”
For photos from the event, and write-ups for each medal recipient, please see the photo gallery below:

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