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Division students take home awards during science fair awards ceremony

A number of Lethbridge School Division students took home awards during the Lethbridge Regional Science Fair 2021 awards ceremony.
The online ceremony took place Thursday, March 31.
Winners from Lethbridge School Division included:
École Nicholas Sheran School:
- Joey Weisbeck - Grade 4/Silver Award, Best Use of Project Materials - Project: Can Fruit Power an LED Light
- Konstantina Zovoili - Grade 5/Silver Award - Project: What Impact will Climate Change have on Lentils' Production?
- Naba Kazi - Ruby Larson Award and Lethbridge College Award for Excellence in Environmental Science (together with Adalyn Markus-Chubb) - Project: The Super Power of Wind (Renewable Energy)[The Ruby Larson Award is given to a participant judged to be the most enthusiastic presenter of their project].
- Adalyn Markus-Chubb - Lethbridge College Award for Excellence in Environmental Science (together with Naba Kazi) - Project: How Open Pit Coal Mining Affects Our Water
- Seraphina Byrne - Anticipation of Results/Most Enthusiastic Results Award - Project: Cookie Science!
- École Nicholas Sheran also took home the School Participation Award.
Lakeview Elementary School:
- Arven Narra - Grade 5/Gold Award and Best Elementary Project - Project: Aerodynamics
- Abhigyan Nagaruru - Best Experimental Design award - Project: Buzz with Orbeez
- Dave Virk - Best Orator Award - Project: The Best Paper Aeroplan Ever
Park Meadows Elementary School:
- Avinash Chowdhury – Aerospace Technology Award - Project: Origami in Space
Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School:
- Kay Spencer – Grand Prize/CWSF Nomination, Grade 7/Gold Award, Ted Rogers Innovation Award, Best Intermediate Project Award and Best Intermediate Logbook (Chapters Award) – Project: Pennies From Heaven.
Spencer is nominated to attend the virtual Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) in May 2021.
Winston Churchill High School:
- Akshara Nagaruru - Grade 9/Gold Award and Genome Alberta Senior Project - Project: Facts on Fats
[The Genome Alberta Award is given to an outstanding project in life sciences, genetics, genomics, bioengineering, and biomedical technology (study, experiment or innovation)].
The March 31 ceremony was recorded and can be viewed here: SCIENCE FAIR.
For the students that opted for public viewing, submitted videos of science projects will be soon available on the Southern Alberta Technology Council website: SATC.

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