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Dr. Gerald B. Probe Elementary School

Grades: Early Education to Grade 5
  • 120 Rocky Mountain Blvd. West
  • Lethbridge, AB
  • T1K 7J2
  • P: (403) 381-3103


Gerald B. Probe, Ph. D. (1936 - 1989)

Dr. Gerald B. Probe was an outstanding educator who provided leadership in Lethbridge School District No. 51 for almost two decades. Gerry began his career in Regina before coming to Lethbridge School District No. 51 in 1970 as Director of Personnel. Dr. Probe was subsequently appointed Associate Superintendent of Personnel and Facilities Planning, and served one year (1987-88) as Acting Superintendent.

Dr. Probe played a major role in directing public education in Lethbridge. He was responsible for all aspects of staffing and had significant involvement in the planning and construction of new facilities. His main impact, however, came from the consideration and support he provided for the many individuals who comprise Lethbridge School District No. 51. The term "people person" could well have been derived from Gerry's life.

Gerry Probe was committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for children. His dedication had a major impact on the quality of education in our city.

Our Vision

Dr. Probe School is a community of confident, active learners who are inclusive and kind.

Our Mission

Dr. Probe School fosters a learning environment where care, creativity, cooperation and courage support students’ academic and character development.

The Four Cs

The student group who opened the school created a set of values for the future that has paved the path leading us to the present day. This group coined the term the "Three Cs of Probe." The three Cs were Caring, Concern and Cooperation and were met to set standards within our school community. In the fall of 2010, Dr. Probe staff decided to add one more: Courage. The "4 Cs of Probe" were born and continued to be representative of the culture of the school and reflect the attributes of staff, students and the community at large.

In the Fall of 2021, school staff looked to align the 4 Cs to be reflective of learners who would have the skills necessary for the 21st Century. In doing so, one of the Cs, “Concern,” was changed to “Creativity.”

The "FOUR Cs of Dr. Probe Elementary" are part of our culture and what we believe to be be attributes of our exceptional faculty, students and community at large!


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