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Wilson Middle School hands out athletic awards

On Thursday, June 1, Wilson Middle School handed out the athletic awards for the 2022/2023 school year.
Kenny Otieno, a standout basketball player at Wilson who went on to have a successful professional career, opened the event as the guest speaker.
Otieno’s career took him from Wilson to Winston Churchill High School to stints with teams in the National Basketball League of Canada and a brief time in the Spanish LEB Plata league.
As for the awards, the school’s most prestigious honour, the Gold Award, were handed out to Ciara Mcleish, Meniko Murfin, Edela Dash, Gio Gomez, Peyton Racz, Natalie Miller, Chelsea Curran, Gabriel Codiamat and Landyn Bereza.
White Awards were handed out to Brent Chruchward, Bethany Mckee, Kyra Calf Robe, Rylee Cruse, Jerome Arcand, Chloe Macklin, Eva Beddome, Kierra Vaillancourt, Isaias Belloso, Josh Kozak and Kalpesh Puri.
Wilson’s Green Award winners included Mary Forsyth, Neveah Palubiski, Maiya Halma, Owen Olson, Eastson Kormos, Gunnar Nickel, Callie Kowal, Rylee Kusalik, Josh Nilsson, Pranaya Gurung, Corrigan McIntyre, Ashal Gurung, Jordan Sudo, Dawsyn Higgins, Sable Meadows, James Astrologo, Aiyush Rai, David Astrologo, David Belloso, Nayson Butler and Thiago Guevara.
The complete list of award winners are as follows:
Cross Country Girls Ambassador - Payton Racz
Cross Country Boys Ambassador - Maleda Gebeyhu
Cross Country MVP - Michael Jauerneck
Volleyball JR Girls Ambassador - Rylee Kusalik
Volleyball JR Girls MVP - Teagan Wigley
Volleyball JR Boys Ambassador - Jordan Sudo
Volleyball JR Boys MVP - Camden Crabb
Volleyball SR Girls Ambassador - Dawsyn Higgins
Volleyball SR Girls Most Improved - Taytum Procee
Volleyball SR Girls MVP - Andie Smith and Chloe Macklin
Volleyball SR Boys Ambassador - David Astrologo
Volleyball SR Boys Most Improved - Ezra Mckee
Volleyball SR Boys MVP - Gio Gomez
Basketball JR Girls Ambassador - Maranda Lopes
Basketball JR Girls MVP - Kaydie Nelson
Basketball JR Boys Ambassador - Corigan McIntyre
Basketball JR Boys MVP - Gio Gomez
Basketball SR Girls Ambassador - Kiera Vaillancourt
Basketball SR Girls Most Improved - Paisley Heavy Shields
Basketball SR Girls MVP - Payton Racz and Chloe Macklin
Basketball SR Boys Ambassador - James Astrologo and Lisandro Morales
Basketball SR Boys Most Improved - Landyn Bereza
Basketball SR Boys MVP - Nayson Butler and Thiago Guevara
Badminton Girls 6 Ambassador - Ziya Palmer
Badminton Boys 6 Ambassador - Owen Olson
Badminton Girls 7 Ambassador - Bethany Mckee
Badminton Boys 7 Ambassador - Keiran Bassendowski
Badminton Girls 8 Ambassador - Payton Racz
Badminton Boys 8 Ambassador - Landyn Bereza
Badminton Girls 6 Most Improved - Neveah Plaubiski
Badminton Boys 6 Most Improved - Easton Kormos
Badminton Girls 7 Most Improved - Janeen Bittner
Badminton Boys 7 Most Improved - Camden Crabb
Badminton Girls 8 Most Improved - Meredith Chan
Badminton Boys 8 Most Improved - Isaias Belloso Riveria
Badminton 6 MVP - Brent Churchward and Ciara McLeish
Badminton 7 MVP - Gio Gomez
Badminton 8 MVP - Lucas Pasemko and Chelsea Curran
Track and Field Girls u-12 Ambassador - Lexi Vianni
Track and Field Boys u-12 Ambassador - Levi Cook
Track and Field Girls u-13 ambassador - Rylee Kusalik
Track and Field Boys  u 13 Ambassador - Corrigan McIntyre
Track and Field Girls u-14 Ambassador - Payton Racz
Track and Field Boys u-14 Ambassador - Broden Siljak
Track and Field u-12 MVP - Gio Gomez
Track and Field u-13 MVP -  Rylee Cruse and Edenelson Arguetta
Track and Field u-14 MVP - Lucas Pasemko
Club Sport Ambassador - Maddie Bettger
Leadership in Athletics - Maddie Bettger
Leadership in Athletics - Tahlon Marshall
Leadership in Athletics - Mishael Anas
Leadership in Athletics - Alexis Ingram
Leadership in Athletics - Maddie Thomas.