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WCHS hands out academic awards for 2018/2019 school year

On Thursday evening, Winston Churchill High School handed out its academic awards for the 2018/2019 school year.
The following is a complete list of award winners.

Special Awards

Ron Moline Memorial Award - Awarded to a student entering post secondary studies, who best exemplifies the ideals of excellence, sportsmanship and leadership while representing Churchill Athletics.

Awarded to Connor Hellofs

Male Athlete of the Year Award - Awarded to a male student who best exemplifies the ideals of excellence, sportsmanship, dedication and leadership and who maintained an above average academic standing while representing Winston Churchill in athletics.

Awarded to Logan King

Female Athlete of the Year Award - Awarded to a female student who best exemplifies the ideals of excellence, sportsmanship, dedication and leadership and who maintained an above average academic standing while representing Winston Churchill in athletics.

Awarded to Lauren Platz

Green Acres Kiwanis Good Citizenship - Awarded to a Grade 12 female student who was involved in extra-curricular activities, contributed significantly to student affairs and was successful academically.

Awarded to Brianna Wolstoncroft (Miss Churchill)

Lethbridge Rotary/B’Nai B’rith Good Citizenship - Awarded to a Grade 12 male student who was involved in extra-curricular activities, contributed significantly to student affairs and was successful academically.

Awarded to Logan King (Mr. Churchill)

Jaydon, Jim and Shae Horgus Memorial Award - Awarded to a Special Needs student who best exemplifies good citizenship, a strong work ethic and Churchill Spirit.

Awarded to Rylee Melting Tallow

Min Koyata Memorial Award - Awarded to a student who is working towards becoming a provincial or national level athlete while in good academic standing at Winston Churchill.

Awarded to Cayla Stimson

Cupper’s Coffee Award - Awarded to a Grade 11 or Grade 12 student excelling in visual arts.

Awarded to Kaiya Simon

Elements Physical Therapy and Acupuncture Award - Awarded to a student completing all three sciences: Chemistry, Biology and Physics with the highest overall grade point average.

Awarded to Alice Zhang

Derek Redman Social Justice Award - Awarded to a Grade 11 or Grade 12 student who had demonstrated a keen understanding and desire to work with and advocate for Human Rights and Equality and to assist those less advantaged locally and/or internationally.

Awarded to Isabel Crown

Runner’s Soul Scholarship - Awarded to a graduating student who worked hard toward their success.

Awarded to Ishor Rai

Star Citizenship Award - Awarded to a student who is dependable, cooperative and demonstrates

leadership and integrity.

Awarded to Jack Derbich

Career and Technology

Construction 10—Kaitlin Matson                                                              

Construction 20—Luke Greenwood

Construction 30—Caiden Roelofs


Merit Contractors Award - Awarded to a Grade 12 student who shows interest and skill in the trades

Awarded to Tayler Miller

Fashion 10—Raelynn Dyck                                                                          

Fashion 20—Crystal Vuong

Fashion 30—Vicky Hu

Foods 10—Leo Karpukhin                                                                                            

Foods 20—Thomas Cavanaugh                                                                                                                 

Foods 30—Vicky Crandall

Multimedia 10—Nolan Nishikawa                                                            

Multimedia 20—Grace Hatch

Multimedia 30—Danica Davies

Business Foundations 10—Nathaniel Meyer                       

Business Foundations 20/30—Josh Helmer

Computer Science 10— Gloria Subba                                     

Computer Science 20/30—Ethwyn Penton

Physical Education

Physical Education 10—Tori Dykslag                                                       

Physical Education 20—Eric DeLauw

Physical Education 30—Josh McDonald

Sports Performance—Ishor Rai                                                                 

Fine Arts

Art 10—Miya Horner                                                                                                                                     

Art 20—Eden Steele

Art 30—Morgan Maxwell

Instrumental Music 10—David Oler                                                                                         

Instrumental Music 20—Chase Stankeievech

Instrumental Music 30—Brian Chase

Choral Music 10—Roshan Bidarian                                                                                           

Choral Music 20—Zach Richards

Choral Music 30—Trinity Alles

Jazz Band 10—Robby Wist                                                                                                                           

Jazz Band 20—Grace Hatch

Jazz Band 30—Caleb Sciortino

Drama 10—Jayda Kiefuik                                                                                                                             

Drama 20—Brendan Farthing

Drama 30—Brianna Wolstoncroft

Anderson Memorial Scholarship                                                                                 

Awarded to Jessica White (Music)


Science 14—Bryson Harbridge                                                                                   

Science 14 K&E—Dalton Chase

Science 24—Quinn Graham

Science 24 K&E—Tianna Pool

Biology 20—Kyla Paragas                                                                                                             

Biology 20i—Amina Farah

Biology 25i—Andy Sun

Biology 30—Kat Van Tol

Biology 30i—Andy Sun

Biology Larson Award—Lauren Platz

Science 10—Brendan Gorda                                                                                                       

Science 10i—Thomas Byrne

Science 20—Skye Pritchard

Science 30—Jack Derbich

Physics 20—Dewuni De Silva

Physics 30—Andy Sun

Chemistry 20—Ashlin Malik                                                                                        

Chemistry 20i—Michelle Wu

Chemistry 25i—Andy Sun

Chemistry 30—Krish Patel

Chemistry 30i—Andy Sun

Grade 9 Awards

Math 9—Jacob Lee                                                                                                                         

Math 9—Amber Quo

Math 9 K&E—Sabrina Birch

English 9—Kanyon Jarvie                                                                                                             

English 9 K&E—Anna Johansen

Science 9—Amber Quo                                                                                                 

Science 9 K&E—Anna Johansen

Social 9—Kanyon Jarvie

Social 9 K&E—Anna Johansen

Physical Education 9—Abigail Crown                                                      

Band 9—Lizzy Forsyth

Choir 9—Mikayla Saari

French 9—Jarius Huson

Spanish 9—Amy Quan

Social Studies

Social Studies 10i—Hannah Stephenson                               

Social Studies 10-1—Julia Roth

Social Studies 10-2—Kavan Pulisifer

Social Studies 10-4—Maya Contreras

Social Studies 20i—Damon Van de Graff                               

Social Studies 20-1—Laurel Zieber

Social Studies 20-2—Yuzuki Kimura

Social Studies 20-4—Lloyd Schumacher

Social Studies 30i—Andy Sun                                                                                     

Social Studies 30-1—Jessica Van Gaalen

Social Studies 30-2—Hem Lal Monger

General/Personal Psychology 20—Selena Tran

Self-Directed Learning Option                                                    

Awarded to Nicholas Sheppard


English 10i—Hannah Stephenson                                                                                            

English 10-1—Jayda Kiefuik

English 10-2—Ben Greenstien

English 10-4—Tucker Small Eyes

English 20i—Damon Van de Graff                                                                                            

English 20-1—Ashlin Malik

English 20-2—David Madge

English 20-4—Niko Linitski                           

English 30i—Andy Sun                                                                                                                  

English 30-1—Jessica Van Gaalen             

English 30-2—Caleb Finch

English 30-4—Adam Borho         

World Lit—Andy Sun

Second Languages

French 10—Duy Anh Tran                                                                                                            

French 20—Michelle Wu

French 30—Emily Huynh

English Language Learner—Roman Gurung

Spanish 10—Carmen Entz

Spanish 20—Kai Ichikawa

Spanish 30—Andy Sun


Mathematics 10i—Wenyu Chen                                                               

Mathematics 10C—Brinn Roelofs

Mathematics 10-3—Nathan Stanley

Mathematics 10-4—Tucker Small Eyes

Mathematics 20i—Thomas Byrne                                                                            

Mathematics 20-1—Biswas Rai

Mathematics 20-2—Angelica Olfindo

Mathematics 20-3—Leon Wu Cen

Mathematics 20-4—Nikolai Linitski

Mathematics 30i—David Basil                                                                                    

Mathematics 31—Jessica Van Gaalen

Mathematics 31i—Michelle Wu

Mathematics 30-1—Diana Saludares                                                      

Mathematics 30-2—Ashlin Malik

Mathematics 30-3—Nataja Brown

Ken May Mathematics Award - This award is named after a former Churchill Math teacher and administrator, Mr. Ken May. Awarded to a student who demonstrates a love and dedication to studies in mathematics

Awarded to Matvey Ryabov

Grade 12 IB Certificates/Diplomas

IB Diploma Recipients:                                                                  

Booklyn Fowler

Emily Huynh

Lauren Platz

Andy Sun

IB Certificate Recipients:

Trinity Alles

Yannis Boenn

Ryan Bruce

Juan Cabrera

Jack Derbich

Leshav Duhan

Emma Gould-Hawke

Ethan Meyer

Faith Ono

Justin Pham

Dylan Rowley

Ashley Slomp

Rosie Terrazzano

Crystal Vuong

Wade Zhang

Robert and Angela Tarleck IB Diploma Award - Presented to the top IB Diploma student based on World Exam marks

Awarded to Andy Sun

Combined Awards

Governor General’s Academic Medal - A bronze medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest average upon graduation from a secondary school.

Awarded to Andy Sun

Lethbridge Labor Club - Presented to the student with the highest combined marks of English 30 and

Social Studies 30.

Awarded to Andy Sun

Grade 10 Achievement:

Awarded to Thomas Byrne

Grade 11 Achievement:

Awarded to Dewuni De Silva

Churchill Academic Awards                                                                        

Top Grade 9:

Awarded to Kanyon Jarvie

D.R. Yates - Awarded to outstanding students in Fine Arts.

Awarded to Megan Mitchell (Drama)

Awarded to Olivia White (Music)

Paul and Irene Anctil Memorial Award - Awarded to a Grade 11 or 12 student excelling in Music and Dramatic Arts.

Awarded to Caleb Sciortino

Anna Best-Marshall Memorial Award - This Scholarship is awarded to students with the highest academic standing and who have been involved in their school and the community.

Awarded to Selena Medicine Shield

Awarded to Caleb Sciortino

Grace Dainty Memorial Award - Awarded to three students who have shown a high level of commitment to academic and involvement in the Fine Arts program at Winston Churchill.

Awarded to Kyla Paragas (Art)

Awarded to Brianna Wolstoncroft (Drama)

Awarded to Ethan Enns (Music)

Class of 2005 Centennial Award - The award is presented to a male and female student who are compassionate, caring and dedicated to be the best they can be.

Awarded to Trinity Alles

Awarded to Yannis Boenn



Roxana and Mihai Musca Memorial Award - This award is presented to the class Valedictorian.

Awarded to Andy Sun

Knowledge and Employability Award - Awarded to a student enrolled in Knowledge and Employability courses who exemplifies the dedication to succeed in their studies and beyond. 

Awarded to Caleb Finch

Jwan Jyot (JJ) Ghai Memorial Award - Awarded to an ESL student who has demonstrated effort, a positive attitude and completed a high school program of study.

Awarded to Gissela Perez Escobar

Albert Rodnunsky Memorial Music Award - The Rodnunsky award is named after the first music teacher at Winston Churchill High School. He was a founding member of the Lethbridge Symphony and Lethbridge Musical Theatre. Mr. Rodnunsky inspired students and organized a womens’ choir and a school string orchestra during his tenure at Winston Churchill High School. This award is given to a student who has a love of music, a desire to further musical study and a desire to creatively participate in the musical community of Lethbridge.

Awarded to Jack Harding.

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