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Results from Aug. 1 Lethbridge School Division Parent Survey

The numbers are in from the Aug. 1 Lethbridge School Division Parent Survey.
In total, 8,923 people filled out the survey, which asked two key questions to assist the division in planning for the 2020/2021 school year.
After the Government of Alberta selected Scenario 1 (regular operations) as the re-entry scenario throughout Alberta, Lethbridge School Division needed to know how many parents/guardians were planning to send their children to school.
According to the survey, 82.90 per cent of respondents (7,397 students) indicated their children will be attending school in September.
The survey also indicated 17.10 per cent of respondents (1,536 students) indicated their children will be opting out of attending school and requesting at-home learning.
Lethbridge School Division has created three pivot points throughout the school year to allow students to switch between in-school learning and at-home learning. The pivot points are set for Nov. 10, Jan. 29 and March 31.
“Consistency is necessary for quality delivery of learning,” said Lethbridge School Division Supt. Dr. Cheryl Gilmore, who added the three pivot points divide the school year into quarters. “Parents will be notified in advance of the pivot-point date to submit a request for change, should one be desired.”
The other key question centred around bussing, as the Division asked parents and guardians if they will be sending their children on the bus.
Over half of survey respondents, whose children qualified for bus service, indicated they will be transporting their children to school themselves.
With the survey now completed, Lethbridge School Division will begin the process of analyzing the numbers and preparing for the new school year.
“There are a number of details the Division will be working on over the next few weeks to ensure our students receive high-quality learning experiences, whether they are in-school learners or at-home learning students,” said Gilmore.
During the week of Aug. 24, schools will begin to send out communication regarding start-up details for the 2020/2021 school year.
“We are very excited to begin 2020/2021, and we understand this will be a very unique school year,” said Gilmore, who added the Division has updated its Parent School Re-Entry Plan based on the most recent advice from Alberta health officials. “All of our schools, along with everyone throughout our Division, are working hard to ensure our schools are ready, our classes are structured effectively and efficiently and that everything possible is being done to make our learning spaces safe as possible for our students.”
More information on the Division’s Re-Entry Plan can be found on the website, along with a detailed question-and-answer document.
Classes are set to begin Tuesday, Sept. 1 throughout Lethbridge School Division

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