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Michelle Loveridge appointed vice-principal of Immanuel Christian Elementary School

Lethbridge School Division is pleased to announce Michelle Loveridge has been appointed vice-principal at Immanuel Christian Elementary School, commencing the 2024/2025 school year.
Loveridge’s experiences as an educator have molded her into an inclusive educator who sees every learner as a unique individual deserving of diverse and accessible learning environments where they are free to explore, create and grow as purposeful learners.
Her teaching and leadership journey has included her most recent opportunity as vice-principal at Coalbanks Elementary School. Loveridge also worked at both Lakeview Elementary School and Wilson Middle School as a Learning Support teacher and taught fine arts for many years prior in both Alberta and British Columbia.
Loveridge has broadened her understanding and belief that educational teams have a shared responsibility to remove learning obstacles, teach to the heart and mind of each child and build deep relational connections where students can authentically thrive.
“I am so excited and honoured to be chosen to serve the students, staff, parents and community of ICES as vice-principal,” said Loveridge. “I am truly thankful for the opportunity to continue my leadership journey and to support the whole community to the best of my abilities. As a school that is deeply rooted in Christian values, student achievement and success, I am very much looking forward to building deep connections with staff and students where everyone feels valued and authentically cared for and to be a contributor in all aspects of the community.”
Loveridge brings many years of experience as an elementary teacher and finds professional fulfillment in working alongside teaching teams where she offers professional learning at the school and Division level as well as a teacher mentor.
Loveridge completed her Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University in Edmonton and earned her after degree from the University of Alberta in Education. Later, Loveridge went on to complete her Master of Education in Leadership and Administration from Gonzaga University.
It is also worth noting Loveridge is an avid Oilers Fan!