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LCI hands out fine arts awards for 2022/2023 school year

Lethbridge Collegiate Institute handed out a number of fine arts awards this morning, as the 2022/2023 school year nears an end. 
Below is a complete list of winners: 
- D.R. Yates Fine Arts Award - Students who have excelled in one or more of the fine arts are recognized for their achievements through these awards which come from a trust fund established by the Yates family, whose name is also borne by the Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Centre, which has long been the centre for arts in Lethbridge. Students are awarded the D.R. Yates Fine Arts Awards for their Achievements in the areas of drama, art, dance, choral music and instrumental music. Recipient: Emmaleia Woolston-Young. 
- Barbara Walker Fine Arts - This award is presented to the student who displays outstanding achievement in two or more areas of Fine Arts at LCI. This recognition is intended to reflect an exceptional level of achievement in areas of performance, dedication to the Arts, and responsibility to the group, while maintaining a respectable academic record. Truly, this award will recognize exceptional students. Recipient: Asha Ichikawa.  
- Brendon McQuaid Fine Arts Award - The student should be a good representation of empathy, respect and kindness. Brendon graduated from LCI a good student who was a strong participant in the arts as well as athletics and was always kind and respectful to both his peers and his teachers – he went on to finish his nursing degree where his empathic characteristic was perceived as being second-to-none. Brendon would be proud to pass on his legacy to someone of the same nature. Recipient: Emilia Siemens.  
- Josh Wilson Drama Award - Josh Wilson was a Drama student at L.C.I. whose life was cut short by cancer. Some people however don’t need a long life to make an impact and Josh was one of those individuals. He led us all by example. Josh demonstrated the power of humour and courage in the face of terror and darkness. He was a light and his life enriched all who knew him. The purpose of Josh’s scholarship is to remind us all of the strength that we can produce if we look for something positive each and every day. Josh demonstrated that courage is in the small details of day to day living. Recipient: Willow Warris. 
- Student Legacy (Drama). Recipients: Ash Siever, Emilia Siemens. 
- Kyle Leavitt Music Award - awarded to a graduating music student in both Band and Choir Award is chosen by the band and choir teacher. Recipient: Mia Chalmet. 
- Louis Armstrong Jazz Award - Awarded to a student (grade 10-12) demonstrating exceptional dedication and ability in instrumental music (Concert/Jazz) Award is chosen by the band teacher. Sponsored by the Bandstand. Recipient: Jayla Matchett. 
- Dr. Walter Gray Band Award - Dr. Gray was a big supporter of LCI, Lethbridge Symphony and Kiwanis Music Festival. This award will be awarded to a student (grade 10-12) demonstrating exceptional dedication and ability in Band. The award is chosen by the band teacher. Recipient: Willow Warris. 
- John Phillip Sousa Band Award - The John Philip Sousa Band Award recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication. It was created with the approval of Helen Sousa Albert and Priscilla Sousa, daughters of the famous composer and bandmaster. Recipient: Mia Chalmet. 
- Long and McQuade Choral - Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skill in Choir. Recipient: Sierra Ormston. 
- Gerry and Brian Stewart - This award is presented to the student with characteristics of hard work, dedication, commitment to Academics and Fine Arts (specifically Chamber Choir), and service to community and/or school. Gerry and Brian were lost in June 2003 while pursuing their dreams, having reached both peaks of the Russian Mt. Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. The award was established through the Lethbridge Community Foundation by family and friends of Gerry and Brian. Recipient: Tamryn Bly. 
- LCI Choral Legacy Awards. Recipients: Fadzai Chengeta, Kaylyn McInnes, Hayze Lelek-Peterson. 
- Student Legacy Awards. Recipients: Ellie Leavitt, Makayla Holthe, Willow Warris, Sierra Ormston. 
- Lisa Doolittle Achievement in Dance Award - Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in curricular and co-curricular dance. Recipient: Mia Bridge. 
- Betty Poulsen Dance Legacy Awar - Awarded to graduating students who have shown the most dedication in dance. Recipients: Logan Kinakin , Sunner Alexander. 
- LCI Dance Academy award for most improved - Awarded to the dance student who has shown the most improvement in their time in the academy. Recipient: Gabi Rebelone. 
- LCI Grade 12 Choreography Award - Awarded to graduating student who has shown the most promising choreography in academy. Recipient: Asha Ichikawa.  
- Koji Nagahama Leadership Award - Student who shows excellent leadership qualities in dance. Recipient: Rylee Pearson. 
- Student Legacy Awards. Recipient: Anna Thibault.