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Earn valuable credits through work experience

  • Use a part time job or volunteering opportunities.
  • Use it as one of the courses for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship and as one of the entrance requirements for some Alberta post-secondary institutions. For example, WE counts just as much as an academic course such as Eng 30-1 for the U of L Registered Nursing Program.
  • Use it for graduation requirements: Up to 15 credits count towards your high school diploma.
  • Each 125 hours equals 5 high school credits and you can earn these during holidays and summer also.

What YOU have to do

  1. Complete the required safety course - HCS3000 worth 1 credit.
  2. Contact the work experience person at your school to pick up a work experience contract.
  3. Hand in your contract and start submitting monthly hours…it’s that easy!

Contact Information

Jacquie Lowe for LCI (room B113) and Victoria Park (learning commons) students:


Pam Tinordi-McLean for Chinook, WCHS and Immanuel students:


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