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Division set to celebrate one-year anniversary of Wishtree

This time last year, Lethbridge School Division was getting to ready to wrap up the first One District One Book journey ever attempted in North America. As the project wrapped up, author Katherine Applegate made a visit to Lethbridge to mark the occasion.
Originally, the 1D1B committee had hoped to commemorate the one-year anniversary on May 1 with a number of Wishing Day events at schools to honour Wishtree’s message of hope, kindness, friendship and resilience.
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebration of the anniversary needed to be tweaked.
As such, schools are encouraged to celebrate and remember Wishtree through a few ideas:
- read aloud your favourite parts from Wishtree or encourage your students and families to do so
- write and send or deliver welcoming and kind messages to neighbours and friends
- tie colourful ribbons or pieces of cloth on the trees in your front yard
- post pictures of Wishtrees on your school website and social media sites. 
Wishtree Plaques will also soon be placed in the ground in front of each school’s Wishtree. 
The plaques will read:
A “Wishtree”.  Commemorating 2019 One District One Book- LethSD51
Wishing Day May 1st: “For newcomers and for welcomers. A community can never have too much compassion or too many trees.” By Katherine Applegate
In addition, a special Wishtree memory book of the 1D1B project has been compiled by Catherine Thorsen and Carol Steen, which will be delivered to school once they re-open for students.
Lethbridge School Division Superintendent Cheryl Gilmore added the one-year anniversary of the project comes along at an ideal time. 
“I am incredibly proud how staff throughout the Division came together last year to accomplish something never before attempted in North America – a One District One Book project,” said Gilmore. “As we look back on the one-year anniversary, I wish to reiterate how important this project was for our Division, and how Katherine Applegate’s book, Wishtree, helped bring the entire Lethbridge community together. I can think of no better time to be reminded of the importance of inclusion, empathy and support for others. These are perspectives that maintain a caring community that will continue to flourish."
Lastly, to help celebrate the one-year anniversary of Wishtree, author Katherine Applegate has recorded this video message for Lethbridge School Division:

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