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Division names Canada 150 ICE Awards Scholarship winners for 2021

The winners have been named for the 2021 Canada 150 ICE Awards Scholarships.
This year, seven students are sharing a grand total of $6,000.
In the Grade 9/10 category, Steven Yang and Morteza Faraji, Grade 10 students from Winston Churchill High School and Chinook High School are sharing $500 for their team project, Cigarette Recycling.
The duo came to the realization Lethbridge does not have any disposal can dedicated to cigarette butts. As a result, the Grade 10 students develop a project with a goal to eliminate and recycle butts in a way that will give back to the community through education and charities.
Their company, TerraCycle, will create new products out of the recycled products and in exchange, will give $1 to charity for every pound of waste.
Chinook Grade 10 student Alexandru Albu took home $1,000 for his project, Art Through the Pandemic.
To examine how the pandemic and real-world events influenced his art, Albu collected completed drawings from his sketchbooks, ordered them from oldest to most recent and organized it in PowerPoint. Examining the art made him discover just how much art, and the choices people make, are results of outside influences.
Maggie Cheung, a Grade 9 Chinook student, also earned $1,000 for her project, Living Through 2020/2021.
Documenting her own experiences living through COVID-19, including struggles with racism that impacted people of Asian descent, Living Through 2020/201 morphed into an Anthology project. Cheung conducted research, included personal content such as her poems and drawings and attempted to capture her feelings, values, thoughts and experiences.
Winston Churchill Grade 12 student Ashley Na’s $1,000 scholarship was for her submission, Acrylic Paint Project.
Na sought to explore animals people tend to fear and portray them, through the medium of acrylic paint, in a way that brings out their beauty and serenity. The project included research and artistic experimentation, as Na completed one painting each week for one month. The project also aimed to promote the positive impact art has on the self and community as a whole.
Bradley Pike, a Grade 11 student at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, took home $1,000 for his project, E-Sports.
Pike has been working to set up e-sports at LCI as an extracurricular, and drafted letters to local businesses to attract sponsors. The pandemic put extracurriculars on hold, as Pike lobbied the Board of Trustees to alter the Pandemic Plan to allow virtual activities. Working alongside LCI staff, Pike eventually help recruit over 50 students to join virtual e-sports at the school.
LCI Grade 12 student Lauren Van Roon earned a $1,000 scholarship for her project, Wool Felting.
Her company, Wearwool/Felted Catfish, is a wool felting and artisan craft company that features 3D felted animal ears. Along with wool, a diverse collection of reclaimed jewelry is used in her creations. Van Roon also created a life-size felted ram head as a gift to her school, as a symbol of inclusion and inspiration for artists to provide more fuel for innovative projects from LCI artists.