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Coalbanks Elementary School receives two more portables

On Friday, Coalbanks Elementary School received two new portables.
Those additions bring the total to 13 portables that are now attached to the school.
“We have the same number of portable classrooms as regular classrooms,” said Coalbanks principal Joey Gentile, who added the school’s student population has increased significantly since it opened. “We have 612 students. When the school first opened, we had approximately 430 students. That is almost a 200-student increase in two years.”
Once the new portables are operational in a few months, they will be put to good use, according to the principal.
“Due to these numbers, we do not currently have a music room so one of the new portables will be utilized for that program, and the other one will be used for an additional Spanish classroom. As this will be a huge assistance this year, we will still be in need of additional portables as well.”

Portable classrooms at Coalbanks

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