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Lethbridge School Division Superintendent, Cheryl Gilmore, announces her retirement

Lethbridge School Division offers heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to our Superintendent, Dr. Cheryl Gilmore, as she announces she will be retiring in July of 2023.
Exemplifying extraordinary dedication, Dr. Gilmore has successfully built a culture focused on prioritizing what is best for students. Gilmore is also highly regarded amongst her peers as a leader and mentor across the province. 
She is well known for being physically present in schools, personally attending events and letting people know she is there for them and fostering relationships with students, staff and parents.
Serving at the helm of the Division since August of 2013, Gilmore has brought many initiatives and programs to the Division, including inquiry-based professional learning, generative dialogue, central off-campus programming, a focus on literacy and numeracy, dual credit and one of the latest Division-wide initiatives, Thinking Classrooms. She has been able to support the implementation and ensure staff have the professional development needed to implement and best support the enhancement of the learners.
Gilmore loves literature and spending time with her daughters, enjoying and exploring museums, art galleries and live performances. She is also well known for her self-professed love of chocolate.
Gilmore has also brought her humour and personal touch to the Division with her stories, her wit and her weekly updates, including special days each week. Her presence will be missed throughout the Division.
As one who truly values continuing education, she began her post-secondary education with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge in 1985. Gilmore was awarded her Masters of Education from the University of Lethbridge and Doctorate of Education through the University of Montana.
Her contributions to the education community go beyond the Division, as Gilmore also took on the role as a summer sessional instructor for the Masters of Education in Leadership Program for the University of Lethbridge. Following 18 years of classroom education, across various grades and subjects, Gilmore’s career moved toward administration when she accepted the position of Administrative Associate at W.R. Myers High School in Taber. From there, she worked as Deputy Superintendent for Horizon School Division from 2000-2006, followed by seven years as Superintendent, Chief Executive Officer, of Horizon School Division.  
Lethbridge School Division was privileged to welcome Dr. Gilmore as Superintendent in August of 2013.  “We wish Cheryl all the best in her future endeavours and know that she will love having more time to spend with husband Don and the girls,” said Lethbridge School Division Board Chair Allison Purcell.
As Gilmore reflected on her career in education, she thanked those who helped her along the way.
“It has been an absolute privilege to serve students, staff and school communities over the course of my career,” said Gilmore. “I can recall my first year of teaching like it was yesterday. I graduated feeling affirmed that I would bestow my wisdom in the disciplines I loved – Art and English. It only took one week with my class of 32 Grade 3 students with a breadth of needs to be humbled and recognize that it was not about teaching a discipline, it was about meeting students where they were at and moving them forward with passion, energy and care. I fell in love with being an educator when I discovered the joy that comes from cherishing children and youth for who they are and providing them with what they needed to flourish as learners and individuals. As many of you know, there is nothing more gratifying than to have students contact you years later to convey that you made a difference in their lives. Throughout my career I have endeavored to support students, staff and schools. I cannot claim full success in everything I have tried, but I do feel affirmed with being driven by fundamental values that I held close through challenging times. Growth as an educator never happens in isolation, and I was blessed with countless colleagues who shared their wisdom, guided decisions and were gracious enough to be my mentors. The relationships and friendships developed over the years will continue and for that, I cannot be more thankful. Lethbridge School Division is an amazing place teeming with staff who are unwavering in their commitment and support for students and each other. I could not have finished my career in a better place. My time in this Division has been an honour.”