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Fairbairn Good News show makes its debut on YouTube

We could all use a little bit of good news as 2020 comes to a close.
Students at Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School are delivering on that, thanks to a unique project inspired by a popular internet show. 
"I was really encouraged by the John Krasinski YouTube show, Some Good News, back during the first shut down," said Robyn Kalau, Family School Liaison Counsellor at Fairbairn. "I found it very motivating in reminding me that there was still so much I could do for others."
When Grade 7 and Grade 8 Fairbairn students started working from home again, the school's Wellness Centre staff started looking at ways to engage students who were in need of encouragement but may not reach out for individual counselling supports.
And with that, the Fairbairn Good News project was created. 
"It has served as a reminder that despite restrictions, we are still able create," said Kalau. "I know that for me as a student, it really gave me a sense of belonging and built my confidence when I could be a part of something the school was doing. That, along with fostering positivity, is the opportunity I hope to give our students."
Staff members have also chipped in to make Fairbairn Good News a high-quality production.  
"So many of the staff were willing to come on board and help with music, connecting me with students, production logistics and more," said Kalau.
To view the first episode, click on the following link: GOOD NEWS



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