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Registration for the 2023/2024 Winter Semester is now closed.

The information on the page remains for those who may be interested in learning about the Dual Credit program and process.


All students interested in registering for Dual Credit must have attended a Dual Credit Discovery Night hosted by Lethbridge College or must watch the recording below prior to filling out the form on this site.

Course Offerings 
2023-24 Course Offerings are located here: 2023-24 COURSES 
To view course descriptions, please visit the Lethbridge College Dual Credit page by visiting here: Lethbridge College Course Overviews

Lethbridge School Division will provide for the cost of tuition only.  Students are responsible for the cost of books, supplies, software and/or equipment rentals.

Course Load
Students with full course loads should not enroll in an additional dual credit course. Course load will be a factor in determining which students will be selected.  

Be sure to review the prerequisites required for the course you wish to take. 

Trades Courses:
The trades program operates differently from our other dual credit courses. These courses offer a hands-on approach, consisting of multiple in-person Friday afternoon sessions. Students interested in taking a trades-related dual credit course can email the Off-Campus Coordinator, Andrew Krul at andrew.krul@lethsd.ab.ca.  Spaces are very limited.


Semi-Annual Registration Process:

Step 1: Explore Course Offerings for Upcoming Semester
Every year, we will release a list of course offerings for students to choose from.  To view course offerings for the 2023-24 year, see 2023-24 COURSES. Students may only register for one course.
Registration for the Fall semester will take place in May.
Registration for the Winter Semester will take place in early November.

Step 2: Watch the Dual Credit Information Video
The Dual Credit Information Video below gives interested students and parents the opportunity to gain general knowledge about the Dual Credit program.  Once per year the college also offers a Discovery Night for students to learn about Dual Credit and upcoming course offerings.  Students must have attended a Dual Credit Discovery Night hosted by Lethbridge College or must watch the recording below prior to filling out the form on this site that appears when registration is open.

Step 3: When you are ready to commit to completing the course, fill out your Intent to Register Form (located at the bottom of this page when registration opens).
Students who fill out this form must be ready to commit to the schedule and demand of a dual credit course.  Students with a full course load are not advised to sign up for an additional dual credit course.  Allow space in your schedule for the pressures that life can bring.

Step 4: Check Your Emails!
Due to limited space, not all students who express interest will be registered. Students will be limited to one course per semester or year, depending on availability.  Students should receive initial contact from the division within a week of filling out the form. Check your personal and school emails daily as timelines are tight!

Step 5: Complete the Formal Lethbridge College Registration Form
If you are selected to proceed, you will then need to complete your registration by filling out the College registration form sent to you by Division Office. The Dual Credit Teacher or Principal at your school will be able to assist if you need help filling out your form.

Step 6: Access your Canvas Hub account.
Once you have formally registered, you will receive a welcome email with your Student ID and CanvasHub information from Lethbridge College within a few weeks. Save this information. Follow the instructions to access your account and familiarize yourself with your course outline, syllabus, assignment deadlines and test dates.

Step 7: Begin your course on time and stay up to date.
Plan for your success and show the world what you’ve got!  Reach out to the Dual Credit Teacher at your school if you need help.



College Dual Credit Team: dual.credit@lethbridgecollege.ca
School Division Dual Credit Team: dualcredit@lethsd.ab.ca

For more information, please visit: Lethbridge College Dual Credit | BE READY


Lethbridge College Dual Credit Information Video

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