Feedback from Town Hall 2022

Town Hall 2022

Town Hall 2022 Themes:

1. Inclusion was identified as an important area to strengthen (23 per cent students, 15 per cent parents, staff and community). Common areas included ensuring schools were safe-supportive/embracing of Indigenous students, all students of colour, LGBTQ2S+ and students with exceptional needs.

2. Learning - learning gaps calling for intervention/flexibility in meeting the needs of students, and provision of support for families (19 per cent of staff).

3. Wellness. The support of overall wellness, mental health and development of relationships and social skills (29 per cent of students, 20 per cent of staff, 10 per cent of community members.

Reflection of Themes in 2022/2023 Assurance Plan:

1. Understanding Context section of the plan. Student Growth and Achievement Domain (Outcome 3 Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Outcome 5 Respect for Uniqueness of All Learners). Outcome areas have strategies for anti-oppression and anti-racism, Positive Spaces Committee work with procedures for Policy 502.2 Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression.

2. Student Growth and Achievement Domain including addressing learning gaps and a focus on intervention (Outcome 1 - strategies focusing on literacy and numeracy).

3. Mental health and wellness initiatives in the Understanding Context section of the plan (Wellness Committee, Wellness Grants, Wellness Promotion, Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum). Wellness Work Plan and Model, nature and outdoor learning, trauma-informed practices, nutrition included in the Student Growth and Achievement Domain (Outcome 4 - students and active, healthy and well). Additional support to counselling in the budget process (drawn from reserves).