School Attendance Data

Alberta Health Services Response to School Attendance Data Due to Illness

AHS Public Health is no longer informing school authorities or administrators of individual cases of COVID-19 within their schools. However, should a school experience an absenteeism rate of 10 per cent or greater due to illness, the Division is required to notify AHS. At that point, an investigation may be conducted by AHS Public Health.

If AHS deems it appropriate, AHS will provide further communication to the school community in the form of a letter. This letter, which will be distributed by our schools, will alert the school community that numerous students who are absent from school have reported an illness.

The purpose of this reporting is to continue to monitor for clusters of respiratory or gastrointestinal illnesses, and to alert AHS to potential disease outbreaks.

At this point, AHS may declare an outbreak and recommend additional voluntary measures. Additional measures may include active health screening with questionnaires, increasing frequency of cleaning and disinfection, maintaining cohorts, mask recommendations and/or limiting group and extra-curricular activities.

Click the following link for a sample of what the AHS Absenteeism Letter will look like: AHS LETTER

Schools With 10 Per Cent Absenteeism Due to Illness

Westminster Elementary School - Sept. 16:


Park Meadows Elementary School - Sept. 14: