Try a Trade Student Sign up

Student Sign Up and Job Shadow Consent Form

Consent form

I hereby consent to the above named student being placed in the Job Shadow program for the purpose of career exploration given the following conditions:

Salary: There will be no remuneration

Behaviour:  The student will be expected to

- complete all requirements to begin the job shadow program

- be prompt

- conform to company rules and regulations

- follow all safety procedures and accept directions and assignments as outlined by the employer job shadow host.

- complete all missed schoolwork and examinations.

Inappropriate behaviour may result in students bring requested to return to the school at the discretion of the employer. The employer will contact the off-campus education department.

During the hours of the job shadow placement, the student shall be under the direct supervision and control of the employer.

The school or Division shall not be held liable or responsible for the student's transportation to and from the workplace.

Insurance: Pursuant to the workers' Compensation Act (W-15, RSA 2000), and the regulations or orders in council make thereunder , the student participating in this program is deemed to be a worker of the Alberta Government for the purpose of the workers' compensation. In consideration of the board having arranged for the off-campus education herein described, the undersigned parent or guardian, and if more than one of the execute this agreement, they agree jointly and severally with the board to indemnify and save harmless the board and it’s agents and employees with respect to any expensed, costs or liability whatsoever arising out of any damage or injury occurring or alleged to occur in connection with the foresaid employment, and with respect to any damage or other claim. (Off Campus Education Guide, 2009, p. 84)

Work site oath of confidentiality

To students and Parents:

It is important that students be aware of the importance confidentiality of information learned while at a work site.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act declares that it is an offence to use or disclose personal information learned at a work site for any reason other than as necessary in the job. Personal information includes, names, addresses, phone numbers, ethnicity, religion, age, marital status, education, employment, medical or psychiatric history.

It is ethically wrong to disclose other sensitive information learned while at a work site. Information such as details of the operation or client data in a business or government agency is to be kept strictly confidential.

Students are required to sign the following Oath of Confidentiality prior to starting work at a work site:

Thereby agree that I will not, either now or after ceasing my Job Shadow experience, disclose or otherwise use any personal information or sensitive company/business/information I learn on this Job Shadow: